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the face of a clock showing hours and minutes of the day


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Restoration work on the Victorian clock faces came as a major milestone in the project, allowing the first work in internal walls to begin before Christmas.
Reading a clock face is somewhat complicated by the fact that there are both analogue and digital clocks with which to contend.
The clock face and workings date back to the 1870s and originally stood in Coventry's market hall.
The tower will be partially covered in scaffolding for three years, although engineers plan to keep at least one of the four clock faces always visible.
For each place setting, place a different clock face (printed from free printable clipart) that has been cut out and laminated beneath a clear glass salad plate over a dinner plate.
As well as the colourful clock faces, it also features the nine planets in the form of nine-foot high figures and on the north of the tower is an oak tree motif taken from the arms of the Marquess of Bute.
A limited number of clock faces (100 total) will be crafted from salvaged wood, sourced from 19th century structures across the USA.
We hope the worK on the actual clocK face won't be too costly to repair.
The company agreed in October to pay the lump sum amount so it could continue using SBB's Swiss-designed station clock face on its iPads and iPhones, the Tages-Anzeiger.
The repair works will also straighten the clock face.
When the clock face turns yellow, it's wake-up time.
But, if donations came in, a duplicate of the bell tower could be fabricated, he mused for the crowd watching the installation of the clock face this weekend.
The trio climbed the 334 steps of the liftless St Stephen's Tower and descended each of the four sides of the clock face at a height of around 315ft.
A 12-segment clock face indicates the roll angle of the tool face.
The design represents a clock face and was commissioned by Suffolk County Council's highway authority.