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the face of a clock showing hours and minutes of the day


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CUTLINE: (1) Carpenter Jeffrey Samuelson is lifted to the top of the First Congregational Church to put a new clock face on the steeple yesterday.
Remove the cardboard insert and clock face, then turn the frame face down on a wooden work surface.
Wide variety of clock size choices for desktop, including stylish new analog and digital clock faces
Drew Pritchard, who stars in Salvage Hunters, a TV show about his antiques dealing business, bought the clock face in Tarporley, Cheshire, after it was recovered from the demolition site of the club.
SUSPECTED metal thieves stole clock faces from the side of a landmark listed building in Newcastle.
almost that were The MOBO organisers were still able to connect with both the local audience and locality, using a stylised Liver Building clock face as a backdrop rather than rely solely on namechecking.
The familiar image of the Big Ben clock face is to be dropped from the titles of News At Ten, but the bongs will ring on.
There is also a clock face in the middle of the display, surrounded by 1,000 plants around the clock's hands.
5cm (8ins) in diameter and has an easy to read analogue clock face with an outer dial showing a 24hr view.
The whimsical mural will feature a life-sized Glockenspiel, each detail mirroring clocks found in major European cities, including astrological signs and Roman numerals on the clock face as well as open-faced gears.
Children cut out a clock face from cardboard, write the numbers 1 through 12 on the face, attach cardboard hands and then designate each minute of the clock with small candy pieces.
You could use an old plate for the clock face and stick on some cutlery for the hands.
Instead of numbers, the clock face of the e-Prim'Time communicating wristwatch displays animations representing activities appropriate to the time of day, enabling very young children to keep track of time until they are old enough to read numbers.
The imitation Eastgate Clock face, on The Grosvenor Hotel side, has been printed as a mirror image of how it should appear.
IN A BLINK Blink, and upon opening your eyes You may face a different scene, You rank change from what was there before, For better or worse, For change hangs in the gap between heartbeats, It is the unknown self, the aura around you That tracks the second hand around the clock face, Lurking in the pause separating each breath That you take, Life does veer off course, and it can change At any given moment, Beware of complacency, never defy The gods of circumstance, If you do, the unexpected will crawl upon you And send you spinning out of control, Blink, and you could find yourself out of sequence, Beyond the contours of reality, Spinning from here - off the map