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Synonyms for clobber

Synonyms for clobber

Synonyms for clobber

informal terms for personal possessions

strike violently and repeatedly


beat thoroughly and conclusively in a competition or fight

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In the process of doing that, the central bank will ultimately wind up clobbering the economy and push it into recession.
Center Greg Ostertag was DQ'd from that game for the illegal clobbering of Kings center Vlade Divac.
Clippers (3-30) update: They haven't won since clobbering the Utah Jazz in Anaheim 12 days ago.
He admits he relishes crashing through stereotypes by clobbering able-bodied but average-skilled golfers on the greens.
So after the Saturday competition she and her teammates took turns clobbering the bag, which they nicknamed Dottie.
When you're not clobbering the ball, scoring six runs per game, defense wins games,'' he said.
Thursday's 13-1 win clobbering of the host Modesto A's was a convincing way for the JetHawks to break a tie between the two teams for the Valley Division's wild-card playoff berth.