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Synonyms for clobber

Synonyms for clobber

Synonyms for clobber

informal terms for personal possessions

strike violently and repeatedly


beat thoroughly and conclusively in a competition or fight

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Watching her boyfriend get clobbered by a 300 pound opponent hell-bent on doing him harm "gets harder the deeper we get involved," Harmon says.
one teased another - and noted that a character clobbered with a baseball bat had no blood under his head.
THE bond market clobbered Marconi yesterday after credit rating agency S&P said it was even less likely to pay back the money it had borrowed.
President Clinton's 1993 budget clobbered many older Americans -- 85 percent of Social Security benefits would be taxed for singles and couples with incomes above $34,000 and $44,000.
He has always felt that referees allow him to be hacked and clobbered on a nightly basis, but call him for every infraction.
We have not clobbered higher tax earners and we have no intention of doing so.
Utah State and CSUN played through an alarm for the final minute of the game, not that it cooled the Aggies, who came as advertised as they clobbered CSUN 69-47 in front of a crowd of 1,411.
Freeserve was clobbered when its own broker more than doubled its forecast for this year's losses to pounds 61 million.
PEDRO Martinez recorded 15 strikeouts to become the first seven-game winner in the majors as the Boston Red Sox clobbered the Seattle Mariners 9-2.
Faster than you could say Steve Bartman, Rice clobbered Carolina quarterback Jake Delhomme and forced an interception the Bucs turned into the go-ahead touchdown.
Railtrack and the British Airports Authority will be clobbered by the Budget's Windfall Tax.
Producer James Sanna and Keith Robinson, who restored the film found in the Sinatra family archives, also uncovered some New Joisey-esque Sinatra essays on love and life: ``Now, if you've been clobbered by love, it isn't cricket to take the gas, you know?
The group was clobbered when a pounds 51million black hole in the accounts was uncovered.
Then there's the man who clobbered Riordan in the primary - Bill Simon, who, having failed to communicate a consistent vision for California, remains a blank slate.
If you can't, you'll be clobbered by hefty penalty fees.