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Synonyms for clobber

Synonyms for clobber

Synonyms for clobber

informal terms for personal possessions

strike violently and repeatedly


beat thoroughly and conclusively in a competition or fight

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This cabaret act clobber is for her latest performance on celebrity Stars in Your Eyes.
Wear it flimsy for evening or around the neck as a faux fur scarf - either way you'll be keeping the company of people who can afford Moschino, Dior and YSL clobber.
TONY Blair's favourite think-tank will tomorrow launch plans to clobber the rich with a new top rate of inheritance tax.
Alan Shearer's clobber was like something Dickie Davies would have worn on World of Sport, Graeme Souness looked like a picture negative with his black and white gear and Patrick Kluivert was like Huggy Bear with his tight black leather jeans on.
Over the weeks our historians have ploughed their seed and scattered with the help of a host of experts togged up in period clobber but how long before they get to crack open the first (never mind the last) of the summer wine?
As the Government has failed to give us a decent, affordable public transport system to get us from city to city, it cannot keep joining in to clobber the motorist.
Teenager Jack Osbourne looks as if he has aged 20 years in his businessman clobber and naff hairdo.
GERI Halliwell and Sir Elton John show they have the "common" touch as they step out in this clobber.
The T-shirt was among Christian clobber on show at Manchester's G-Mex Centre in the church's alternative to London Fashion Week.
If anybody were to violate a tech spec and not do what they're supposed to do, we would clobber them.
Liam said: "Pretty Green is timeless, classic clobber.