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Synonyms for cloak-and-dagger

existing or operating in a way so as to ensure complete concealment and confidentiality

Synonyms for cloak-and-dagger

conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods

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Polonium-210 is a weapon that satisfies a hunger for intrigue - it's fatal in small doses, is not available at the corner drug store and has been used in other cloak-and-dagger incidents.
ABC shrouded "Marvers Agents of SHIELD" in mystery worthy of the secret organization at its center, but all the cloak-and-dagger stuff boils down to two questions: How is it?
Summary: Until recently, cybersecurity has primarily interested computer geeks and cloak-and-dagger types.
In a landmark case involving the protection of intellectual property rights that has shed light on the cloak-and-dagger intricacies of the high-speed trading world, Pfister has been charged with stealing proprietary software, source codes, data files, archives, as well as other information deemed confidential.
But now the cloak-and-dagger brigade must nail suicide bombers instantly, using more dagger than cloak - which can lead to mistakes such as the death of Jean Charles de Menezes in 2005.
It was reported yesterday that Gaddafi's family members were smuggled out to Algeria in a cloak-and-dagger operation, but there are no confirmed reports whether or not Gaddafi was among them.
The author, then Director of Programmes at the Tate, became involved in the pursuit of the pictures and the negotiation for their return, and here vividly recounts the complex, cloak-and-dagger story of the theft, the many efforts to regain the paintings and their final return, in 2002, to public display in the Tate.
SIR - While I cannot doubt the ability of Oxford and Cambridge universities to produce graduates of the highest order, I cannot agree with its cloak-and-dagger admissions policy ("Oxbridge snubs students from Wales' 'poor' regions", April 26).
All the while, the young lieutenant begs for a true cloak-and-dagger OSS mission, one that will land him in the history books.
Working on this case in a cloak-and-dagger fashion may sound exciting, but in reality it is quite unnerving.
As for the gift shop, unless they are selling the gizmos of the cloak-and-dagger world, it's all just another T-shirt shop.
Residents against Racism spokesman Mark Grehan said: "They are going on hunger strike next week because they are afraid of a cloak-and-dagger deportation.
I seem to recall the first incarnation of Dyke Drama as a sort of cloak-and-dagger story.
He was playing up the cloak-and-dagger stuff for my benefit, but his Somali sojourn is a matter of public record.
Conceptually we failed," admits Robert Baer, a former officer in the CIA's Directorate of Operations, who was right in the thick of things in the Middle East and Central Asia during his twenty-one-year cloak-and-dagger career.