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  • adj

Synonyms for cloak-and-dagger

existing or operating in a way so as to ensure complete concealment and confidentiality

Synonyms for cloak-and-dagger

conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods

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The author, then Director of Programmes at the Tate, became involved in the pursuit of the pictures and the negotiation for their return, and here vividly recounts the complex, cloak-and-dagger story of the theft, the many efforts to regain the paintings and their final return, in 2002, to public display in the Tate.
SIR - While I cannot doubt the ability of Oxford and Cambridge universities to produce graduates of the highest order, I cannot agree with its cloak-and-dagger admissions policy ("Oxbridge snubs students from Wales' 'poor' regions", April 26).
All the while, the young lieutenant begs for a true cloak-and-dagger OSS mission, one that will land him in the history books.
Working on this case in a cloak-and-dagger fashion may sound exciting, but in reality it is quite unnerving.
As for the gift shop, unless they are selling the gizmos of the cloak-and-dagger world, it's all just another T-shirt shop.
Residents against Racism spokesman Mark Grehan said: "They are going on hunger strike next week because they are afraid of a cloak-and-dagger deportation.
He was playing up the cloak-and-dagger stuff for my benefit, but his Somali sojourn is a matter of public record.
Conceptually we failed," admits Robert Baer, a former officer in the CIA's Directorate of Operations, who was right in the thick of things in the Middle East and Central Asia during his twenty-one-year cloak-and-dagger career.
The written confessions of the lovers, interspersed with diary extracts, secret state papers and letters, provide much-needed bite to what might otherwise be a generic cloak-and-dagger romp.
The legends, the business of the hagiographers, begin with his birth: born in a boxcar while his mother was traveling on a train through Siberia; raised in the margins of a nation torn apart by World War II and the Cold War; early recognition in the world-famous school and company of Leningrad's Kirov Ballet; the cloak-and-dagger defection from the touring Kirov in June 1961 on the tarmac in Paris, which ignited a media firestorm that would spook him the rest of his life.
Looking to the 1982 Tylenol tampering case for ideas, Rohde called together 40 of the company's scientists and asked them to put themselves in the minds of terrorists and to "look for cloak-and-dagger activities.
But the cloak-and-dagger routine is old hat for DaimlerChrysler designer Ralph Gilles, who fashioned the interior of the new Jeep Liberty SUV.
For 18 months, with such cloak-and-dagger tactics, Lee passed along about 1,000 pages of the U.
The Berlin imagery is refracted more obviously through the cinematic portrayal of cloak-and-dagger espionage in the gloomily romantic cities of postwar Central Europe.