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(zoology) the cavity (in birds, reptiles, amphibians, most fish, and monotremes but not mammals) at the end of the digestive tract into which the intestinal, genital, and urinary tracts open

a waste pipe that carries away sewage or surface water

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Saltmarsh Sparrows have a large cloacal protuberance (cp), which may be used as an index of sperm competition (Birkhead et al.
States for the ancestor to salamanders for cloacal characters were taken from Sever (1991a).
Duplication of the abdominal vena cava associated with cloacal exstrophy.
6 times the interorbital distance; (7) first finger equal or slightly longer than second; (8) disc on third finger more than 3/5 size of tympanum; (9) keels on fingers absent; (10) third finger not swollen in male; (11) short thick cloacal fold, with entire free border; (12) tarsal fold distinct, raised, not ending in tubercle; (13) inner metatarsal tubercle oval, about 2.
The incidence of cloacal exstrophy is estimated to be one in 2.
A supernumerary cloacal septum that indents the epithelial of the urinary bladder.
Assim como na frequencia respiratoria, o ajuste dos eletrolitos da racao promoveu melhores condicoes organicas dos animais tambem em relacao a temperatura cloacal (p < 0,05) na fase de sete a 21 dias de idade, o que refletiu em maior facilidade de manutencao da homeotermia, mesmo recebendo racoes com diferentes teores de proteina bruta.
Cloacal gland (CG) is a determinant of sexual activity rate in male quails (Wilson, 1972).
In case of the sample of cloacal swab, the test tubes containing APW were incubated for 24 h at 37[degrees]C immediately after coming to the laboratory.
However, these studies are based primarily on oral and cloacal swabs, and only represent the population of bacteria that are being eliminated (Diaz-Figueroa and Mitchell, 2006).
Other results are less clear--as in cases of infants whose sex is reassigned due to cloacal exstrophy, a rare birth defect.
The device specifically and sensitively detects the avian influenza strain H5N1 from poultry cloacal and tracheal swab samples in less than 30 minutes and could help health officials coordinate a rapid response for the eradication, quarantine, and vaccination of animals.
Formerly, intestinal samples have always been needed to make a definitive PEC diagnosis, but cloacal samples--easier to collect and process--have been found just as suitable for testing.
Unfortunately, here and there in this and other chapters, Crouch adopts a rather bullying, sneering tone often accompanied by cloacal allusions addressed generally to persons with whom he disagrees.