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a female sexual organ homologous to the penis

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The sunna (clitoridectomy) involves removal of the prepuce (the fold of skin surrounding the clitoris) with or without partial or total excision of the clitoris (a small, sensitive and erectile part of the female genitals).
It's hard to believe that the clitoris wasn't even fully understood by the medical community until 2009, when a French sonographic study finally uncovered the clit's true shape and size.
Chapter headings lead from various reflections on the clitoris, its names and attributes, to a freely selective history of those who have charted it, praised it, and tried to control it.
El clitoris tiene tantas terminaciones nerviosas como el pene y, tomandolo estrictamente como el organo sexual femenino, una clitoridectomia es mas una penectomia que una circuncision masculina.
This organ extends ventrally to the vagina, from urinary bladder until the clitoris, with the external urethral ostium opening at the top of the clitoris after 60 days.
Some women get this because the way their clitoris is situated means that intercourse hits the spot "from the inside".
Nerve sparing ventral clitoroplasty was done which is a new treatment where nerves to clitoris are spared so that the sensation is preserved.
The nature of the degree of excision or damage on the clitoris to be given the local name as a "form" of clitoridectomy.
Apparently the long tyranny of the clitoris is coming to an
While the above are the most common forms of FGM, there are other practices which might include the burning of women's genitals, inserting corrosive substances or herbs that will tighten the vagina as well as the stretching of the clitoris or labia.
The first is clitoridectomy where the clitoris (the most sensitive part of the female genital that leads to sexual gratification) is partially or totally removed.
Two studies have provided a critical historical reading of sexual anatomies: Alan Petersen's (1998) survey of representations of sex difference in Gray's Anatomy from 1858 to 1995, and Lisa Moore and Adele Clarke's (1995) review of representations of the clitoris in anatomy textbooks from 1900 to 1991.
piercing or incising the clitoris or labia; this type was excluded from the analysis).
In terms of the prenatal development of genital anatomy, males and females have a similar undifferentiated genital tubercle which differentiates early in fetal development into the penis in males (in response to the testosterone they produce prenatally) and into the clitoris in females (in response to other built in differentiation processes that occur in the absence of testosterone during that critical period).
If you've ever wanted to see a woman cut off her own clitoris with a pair of rusty scissors or a man who's just had his privates crushed ejaculating blood, then now's your chance.