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excision of the clitoris

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Historical prevalence (1979 to 2001) by types has also shown gradual decline in infibulations, gradual disappearance of intermediate circumcision and concomitant gradual rise in clitoridectomies and noncircumcision.
Women have endured clitoridectomies, ovariotomies, unnecessary hysterectomies, radical mastectomies, and drugs to regulate their supposedly deviant sexualities and personalities.
Although a Ministry of Health decree in 1959 prohibited health professionals and public hospitals from performing the procedure, and national law makes it a crime to permanently mutilate anyone, clitoridectomies and other forms of FGM are not explicitly prohibited.
As a result of this close contact, some Zabarma have begun to undergo infibulation rather than clitoridectomies, employing the Kenana midwife to perform the procedures.
This African tribe, incidentally, is no more Rousseauistic than the River People: they're cannibals, too, and perform clitoridectomies of their women so that they respond only to cruelty and abuse.
In Nigeria, says Oluloro, they would have suffered clitoridectomies, just as she did.
Hamowy extensively discusses the widespread belief among physicians and psychiatris in the late nineteenth century that, like so-called "gateway" drugs today, chronic masturbation led insanity and to other types of sexual misconduct and therefore justified coercively subjecting femal clitoridectomies and males to castration and "infibulation.
Finally, it is already clear that if women religious are seen cooperating with the rejection of women in the name of church, in the same fashion as the women who perform the clitoridectomies that will make their daughters acceptable to the male system in which they exist, religious life will die of its own disease.
The case was referred to the Medical Board by a physician from Northern California who received information that Bertrang was performing clitoridectomies on women in Southern California.
Accordingly, clitoridectomies which ate normally done by TBAs and midwives in the Sudan would involve at least excision of the glans clitoris and the vestigial prepuce or hood (Abdel Magied, et al, 2003).