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Synonyms for clitoridectomy

excision of the clitoris

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Clitorectomy involves excision of the skin surrounding the clitoris with or without excision of part or all of the clitoris.
However, if new prospective citizens want to continue the practice of radical or even moderate (as distinct from symbolic) excision and clitorectomy, then such values conflict with western norms with respect to both the protection of children and the protection of women.
These are high rates for both, and the incidence of vaginismus was similar in patients who had been surgically treated by clitorectomy, which was used early in the series, as well as in patients who had been treated by clitoral recession, the method that's been used for the past 25 years, said Dr.
As Peter Wood says, "We no longer have access to the unalloyed feelings of amazement, repugnance, pity and horror that some cultural differences might indeed warrant" If you seek to celebrate diversity by joining the Taliban, subjecting your daughters to clitorectomy, or declaring the intention to throw yourself on your husband's funeral pyre, you will be locked up as a danger to society.
The history of stigmatization, commitment to mental institutions, drugs with serious side-effects, electroshock therapy and lobotomies can be considered the psychological equivalent of a clitorectomy.