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of or relating to the clitoris


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Two out of three are forms of clitoral stimulation, and yet these suggestions were disseminated as if they were new information.
Meanwhile, 36 percent said they also needed clitoral stimulation to get an orgasm and another 36 percent claimed the stimulation enhanced the intensity of the orgasm and the overall sexual experience.
The authors invite us to remember and imagine our own experiences of orgasm (Barmak) and clitoral truths (Hall), in such detail that they become highly charged, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually--too multidimensional for someone else to grope or grab from us.
4 In order to climax, a woman almost always needs some sort of clitoral stimulation.
Examination of genitalia revealed significant clitoromegaly, with clitoral index 50mm2 [normal range: less than 35mm2].
Clitoral degloving is done upto the base of the clitoris.
The urethra was divided into two portions: pelvic urethra lined by squamous epithelium and clitoral urethra with its ostium opening at the top of the clitoris forming a pseudo-penis.
Few people know that women also have foreskins known as the clitoral hood.
These disorders include urethral thrombosis, pseudoneoplastic lesion, lymphoma, clitoral vein thrombosis, ureteral polyps, malignant melanoma, carcinoma, intestinal heterotype, angiomatous lesions and distal urethral stenosis.
You may be surprised to learn that a lot of women don't become orgasmic until they're in their 40s and only 18 per cent can orgasm through penetration (they need clitoral stimulation) so sex aids may help that.
A genital exam revealed clitoral hypertrophy, leiomyomas involving the right labia minora and in the lateral vaginal walls, a normal cervix, an irregular and movable uterus (up to 14cm), and a rectal prolapse.
This edition has new illustrations and new chapters on sudden unilateral neuralgiform conjunctival injection tearing headache, primary thunderclap headache, hypnic headache, nummular headache, atypical odontalgia, burning mouth syndrome, nervus intermedius neuralgia, red ear syndrome, clival chordoma syndrome, glomus tumor of the shoulder, osteonecrosis of the elbow joint, driver's elbow, boxer's knuckle, trigger wrist, superior cluneal nerve entrapment syndrome, clitoral priapism, breaststroker's knee, glomus tumor of the knee, and fabella syndrome.
Don't feel bad if you only orgasm with clitoral stimulation - only 30% of women can climax through vaginal intercourse.
While sex therapy interventions incorporating explicit instructions and specific models of direct clitoral stimulation have been used to improve coital orgasm consistency among women, it is unclear whether simple exposure to sexually explicit models without specific instructional focus can stimulate such change.