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tendency to associate with only a select group

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Familiarity and collegiality can become a cliquishness in which newcomers and outsiders feel an intense pressure to conform to established rules of behavior in this 'microsocial' setting.
Gay men all, their cliquishness enhanced their elite status, as well as their magnanimity toward not-yet-published gay writers like White.
I despise cliquishness, for reasons only my four closest friends will ever properly understand" Steve Hall
Wenger"; rearranges seating so as to minimize cliquishness and maximize grade improvement; and proposes a uniform to eliminate class differences and individuality.
Accusations of aristocratic haughtiness and cliquishness feature in Bulgarin's earlier attacks against Del'vig and Viazemsky, and come to the fore in his anti-Pushkin articles of 1829-31.
Without partiality, without cliquishness, / Broad and long is the
The movie, directed by George Hickenlooper (``Mayor of Sunset Strip'') and written by Captain Mauzner (``Wonderland''), captures the energy and cliquishness of Andy Warhol's Factory scene but comes up empty when it tries to play the blame game for Sedgwick's destructiveness.
The younger scribe: Dryden, forty-one, far better known at this stage as playwright than as poet or essayist, of personal morals higher than most of his Restoration cronies, yet marred by cliquishness and the social-climbing urge.
I do take people's points about cliquishness but it is not as important in our society as it once was.
In Act 1, the ensemble of youthful-looking actors, dressed in slouchy casual wear (jeans, grubby long-sleeved collarless shirts--no fashion icons here), mill through scenes that evoke the chronic hardships of contemporary adolescence: bullying, relentless cliquishness, the cruel application of stereotypes, the pressures laid on by parents and teachers, and so on.
As such, L'Annee Stendhalienne avoids the pitfalls of theoretical and institutional cliquishness.
It is a cautionary tale for those naive enough to believe that airmen are above politics, ambition, cliquishness, meddling, and of even letting the importance of winning local political battles at home come before beating the enemy.
In the run-up to Euro 2004 the Dutch have proved again that when it comes to in-fighting and cliquishness, they are masters right enough.
Though with this narrow swath he was risking a future charge of cliquishness, I knew that any other approach would gainer more "regrets" than people present--some even from those in attendance.
Selfishness, factionalism, cliquishness and egos -are all personal traits that are death to a football team.