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befitting or characteristic of those who incline to social exclusiveness and who rebuff the advances of people considered inferior

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Even if a token doesn't behave like equity or other types of traditional investments, it can still be a lucrative way for diverse populations to engage in the otherwise cliquish tech industry.
Poetic skills without a clue, Composition structured badly, All to please a cliquish few
The kind of community that organizes itself around culture, especially bohemians, can lead to cliquish groupings or trendy behavior among its members.
At first, it's better than she could have dreamed, but when her brother shows up at school, desperate for help, and the cliquish Ravens turn on her, Hope has to find a way to keep her own life from spiralling out of control.
They are a cliquish minority denomination that no one takes in the least seriously.
Jeff Shell may be one of the most powerful executives in the movie business, but in cliquish Hollywood, he remains something of an outsider.
Of this period, he wrote: We were a cliquish lot, we drank coffee together every morning in the refectory, we talked rugby between lectures, we took over the Ship for our after-match singsongs.
Moreover there is a cliquish element to the UNSC with the UK and France often siding with the US while since the end of 2011, China has been Russia's veto partner on four occasions.
Unlike cliquish networking groups, BWC emphasizes guided networking, utilizing small interactive groups and leaders to facilitate introductions and developed tools, including a proprietary introduction technique and 'networking cheat sheet'.
Marines] may become cliquish, insular, obnoxiously boastful, and openly mistrustful of anyone who is not or never has been a Marine.
It's hard in the big city, because everyone is so cliquish.
who could gain access to and benefit from the mechanism of commission attribution through almost cliquish competitions.
One staff member described the use of mixed-age assigned seating at lunch as a "different, very creative, and very in tune with an adolescents' psyche" way to counter their seemingly inevitable tendencies toward cliquish behavior.
I did not want to be part of it," and "I worked on a unit which literally ate their young and was very cliquish and took great pride in creating this environment of making others feel unwelcome.
A former outsider who was given a front-row seat to the action in the cliquish world of banking, Bunye is now reporting on his findings to the public.