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Staff at Seabury recognized the importance of continually acting to counteract certain cliquish or exclusionary behaviors they believed would not otherwise be eliminated.
His mother advanced the opinion that he would have more chances to "spread" (his wings) in wide-open California than in the nation's cliquish capital.
To complaints of cliquishness: The Big Bang was cliquish too.
According to one manager, "We bring in professionals from Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and India, and we find that this creates a work environment that is creative and less susceptible to group think; otherwise we find that work environments can become cliquish with only Chinese workers.
This ad hoc response marked a (small) step forward because it broke the cliquish nature of the investigation, even if only slightly.
You never know if people are going to be cliquish when you join a cast like that but right from the start they wereso friendly and welcoming.
It is also a key characteristic of the cliquish dialogue of the blogosphere, in which partisan commentary reinforces parochial views and fact-checking or skeptical questioning more often elicit obscene ad hominem attacks than serious reflection.
Heather's inability to survive in a neighborhood where children are brutal and cliquish further reinforces the family's sense of helplessness.
They all seem cliquish and unfriendly, gathered in their different groups.
Anti-German sentiment alienates her from the cliquish community who regard her with suspicion and when, after briey sharing lodgings with Frandsen and his wife (Alex Kingston) and sprawling brood, Olaf finally allows her to move in, prejudices are compounded by moral outrage and, even though they sleep in separate buildings, Sorrensen urges his congregation to shun them for fear of being tainted by such sinfulness as dancing together.
He skated by, sold pot, shot cocaine, downed diet speed, navigated the cliquish labyrinths of NYU, started bands, melted down, burned money, worked shitty jobs and French kissed Julian Casablancas before The Strokes became The Strokes.
Of course, I learned later what the rest of the world already knew--that academia is catty, cliquish, petty, and lazy.
From her nettled point of view, these figures were both cliquish and condescending.
But we who have watched "English" become the doormat of academic specialties know that epistemic cynicism, identity politics, cliquish power plays, animus against science, and a lax hospitality toward any theories that generate abundant discourse have stifled objective ,judgment and even, in some quarters, rendered it a term of abuse.
That's after Bush is supposed to go behind the scenes to visit the cliquish galas at the "Access at the Kentucky Derby" half-hour special, which pushes the normal pre-race programming up to 1 p.