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In my experience of the music industry in Wales, it can be really cliquey and that makes it so difficult for collaboration, and collaboration is the thing of genius generally in any sort of industry.
However, she points out that forging new friendships still requires effort, and says that while Netmums studies show 61% of mums are looking to meet new friends, many assume other local mothers may be cliquey and already have a firm set of friends.
Instead the first thing they did was gather into little like-minded cliquey fragments and work out how best to save themselves.
Did this year's backslapping bonanza reveal an industry that seems safe, cliquey and bordering on the dull, dreary and depressing?
Pallavi Anand, a director at Robert Half, offered some tips on how to make office colleagues your good friends like inviting a colleague to lunch, joining project groups or committees, celebrating milestones, organizing a potluck, not being cliquey, widening one's circle and so on.
It is going to be a very different sort of place, without being pretentious or cliquey," the 78 spokesman added.
Swann said: "This is not a cliquey, bitchy environment - where if people don't do well there's certain corners giggling and happy with it.
One recent buyer from Angola said he had invested in a property on the French Riviera a few kilo metres to the south of Nice "but I found it very difficult to integrate with the local people - they are extremely cliquey and my family was very unhappy there".
Haynes feels he gets a rough deal from the media, but this really is not so much to do about him personally - his work in welfare is extremely highly-regarded - more about a system which seems to have allowed a cliquey 'establishment' to have developed at the GBGB.
It can be cliquey, and sometimes it takes years to form new friendships.
It would create a less cliquey atmosphere and more open-minded individuals.
But I had problems from the start and they only got worse because the dressing room was so cliquey and the fans turned against me.
First, the moment a particular strain of thinking is made simple enough for the lay reader to understand, it loses its point: we're talking, after all, about defensive and cliquey cults here.