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Synonyms for clipping

Synonyms for clipping

an excerpt cut from a newspaper or magazine

cutting down to the desired size or shape

the act of clipping or snipping

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Deliver all newspaper clippings from the publications monitored that contain the search terms provided by the ND Center.
The list for Series 5: Newspaper Clippings has been verified and condensed to include only loose clippings found in the collection.
AM I alone in wondering why people with grass clippings and leaves are clogging up the roads around Lifford Lane tip?
Metrology of nail clippings as trace element biomarkers.
CLIPPINGS from yew hedges at the National Trust's Mount Stewart property are being used to make cancer-fighting drugs, the Mirror can reveal.
Artificial logs that create a cheerful and welcoming winter blaze in your fireplace might someday be made from a perhaps surprising source: grass clippings.
Because toenails grow slowly, nicotine levels in toenail clippings are relatively stable compared to levels in our salvia and urine.
When you mow, leave the clippings in place - "grasscycle" them.
Summary: A Frank Skinner fan has handed over Au1,000 for his hair clippings.
Unlike conventional mowers, which collect grass clippings, the new style mulching lawn mowers operate a system which recycles the clippings as it mows.
New gleanings from the Nurses' Health Study show that samples as mundane as toenail clippings can be a marker for cigarette indulgence "when smoking history is not available.
Also, Ron Bower states that my letter about grass clippings being left in situ was nonsense (Voice of the North, June 5 &2).
The yew tree hedges are next on the list - we will need to be careful to ensure clippings are kept as clean as possible, as these will be sent to a pharmaceutical company.
The best material for composters is non-woody garden waste, including grass clippings, and kitchen waste - but not meat leftovers.