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Synonyms for clipping

Synonyms for clipping

an excerpt cut from a newspaper or magazine

cutting down to the desired size or shape

the act of clipping or snipping

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The Filling and Clipping Machine incorporates a metal detector, which rejects any foreign bodies that may be in the product.
McCaughey Foods, Brady Family Ham and Rib World have purchased a range of equipment, from Maurer-Atmos cookers to Poly-clip clipping machines and Weber Slicers--all designed to enhance their product offerings and meet their growing customer demands.
Also in late March, Tipper Tie (part of Dover Industries) purchased Technopak, a German maker of clipping machines and chip closures that was once a Tipper Tie licensee.
A comprehensive range of Tipper-Tie Technopack manual, semi and fully automatic clipping machines that are capable of handling all types of shirred casing, ranging from plastics to fibrous varieties, will be seen on their stand.