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Synonyms for clipping

Synonyms for clipping

an excerpt cut from a newspaper or magazine

cutting down to the desired size or shape

the act of clipping or snipping

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Supply and installation of Combined Universal Smoke House, Hightech Tumbler Mkr 150, Paddle Mixer Mix 180, Talsa Bowl Cutter K 80 V, Automatic Double Clipping Machine Model: Pdc-A-700, Mincer Grinder Model W114l (FREE Standing Model), Gravity Food Slicer Half Automatic (AUTOMATIC Carriage) Model G 330A.
The ICC Roller Mounting Machine ARM08 for perfect mounting of all metallic wires, Flat Clipping machine CLIPIT for accurate clipping of all types of Flats for both 40" and 60" wide cards, are already in use in several mills.
To complement the RotaChill Cooling System, BCH have announced the introduction of a new Filling and Clipping Machine designed specifically to fill product directly from a cooking vessel into flexible packaging bags.
Sharprite Wire Reshapning, Sharprite Tops Machines, Flat Clipping Machine and Wire Mounting Machine.
The smallest, three-week-old Nancy, just sleeps in her carrycot, lulled by the whirring of the clipping machines.