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Synonyms for clipper

(electronics) a nonlinear electronic circuit whose output is limited in amplitude

a fast sailing ship used in former times

shears for cutting grass or shrubbery (often used in the plural)

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scissors for cutting hair or finger nails (often used in the plural)

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Dunleavy update: The Clippers called a published report saying that a contract extension with coach Mike Dunleavy was premature.
The Clippers still might not be playing their best, but their concerns hardly look serious when they're on a league-high five- game winning streak.
Dirk Nowitzki presented major mismatch issues for the Clippers.
In a high-drama home opener, Thomas' and Sam Cassell's clutch shooting bailed the Clippers out of an otherwise ugly performance in a 96-95 victory over the Denver Nuggets on Thursday night at Staples Center.
You know times have changed when a free-agent player chooses to move from the Clippers to the Lakers for the promise of a bigger role.
SANTA BARBARA -- When the Clippers selected Yaroslav Korolev with the 12th overall pick in last year's NBA draft, the Russian immediately said something about Los Angeles that shocked some Angelenos.
The Clippers took apart the Phoenix Suns 118-106 in front of 19,985 fans at Staples Center to send their playoff series back on the road to be settled in a seventh game.
If you had to sum up nearly a month of Clippers playoff basketball in one play, it would be the sequence right after their double-digit lead over the Phoenix Suns shrank to four points with 10 minutes to play Sunday night at Staples Center, when L.
The Clippers were only playing the biggest game in their 23-year history in Los Angeles, and Friday against the Suns the building opened with all the atmosphere of a nice church bake sale.
LOS ANGELES - The Clippers and Phoenix Suns somehow switched identities.
With his offense and defense keeping the Clippers in the game, it was a shock that he was substituted for just a brief stretch of 1:41 in the fourth quarter.
The prevailing question for the underachieving Clippers dramatically changed this week from, "What is wrong with these guys?
Instead, it is a merely descriptive term that may freely be used as Star Clippers had maintained from the beginning.
3M brought the first surgical clipper to market, and now we've eliminated the decision of whether to purchase corded or battery-operated surgical clippers, or both.
With teammate Shaun Livingston not far from their minds, the Clippers went back to the focus at hand - trying to stay in the Western Conference playoff race.