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a small writing board with a clip at the top for holding papers

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Multiple clipboards can be used to save text, formatting codes and graphics for later use.
When the delivery is received, package data are automatically transferred from the driver's electronic clipboard into the Trackpad software.
I had to stand next to the teacher and at the end of the day I had to collect all the clipboards.
But today really took the biscuit - I was approached at least NINE times by clipboard carriers.
For a quarter of a century, customers walking into a Service Merchandise would grab a clipboard and pencil, and jot down the catalog number, quantity and price of their selection before heading to the checkout counter.
com) brings its expertise in composite armor materials to police officers with its new Ballistic Clipboard, a bullet-proof clipboard that provides law enforcement officers reliable protection from point-blank criminal gunfire.
Upon completing the program, the coach will receive a special clipboard detailing steps to take during an asthma attack, a certificate of completion, and a booklet that expands on asthma information written with coaches in mind.
School kids can also show off new Hello Kitty Rainbow and Spottie Dottie school supplies: notebooks, clipboards, binders, pencil sharpeners and erasers.
Patients can benefit through online secure email communication with their doctor; transportable and accurate personal health records for their families delivered through a partnership between their doctor and their health plan; and an end to medical clipboards and phone tag with providers.
Clipboards represent drudgery for patients and are often fraught with errors as patients fill them out from memory in a waiting room.
Youth coaches who diagram plays on chalkboards or clipboards will likely see this and never go back to the old tools.
com is the only PHR focused on completely eliminating the frustration associated with filling out clipboards full of medical forms at every physician office visit.
Packing field guides, clipboards and binoculars, more than 30 local birders walked from dawn until dusk picking out individual species and estimating population totals.
SPIFFY's "Cut and Paste" functionality now supports an unlimited number of clipboards with unlimited widths, as well as complete emulation of ISPF's "Clipboard Manager.
Among the working stiffs whose efforts are respectfully noted are window washers, furniture polishers, chandelier dusters and the man who sets the clocks; military musicians, Secret Service types (the fellows behind the dark glasses) and aides of all sorts (some have clipboards growing out of their chests); the grand usher, who presides over the premises (no, he doesn't lead people to their seats with a flashlight), and of course the cooks and waiters preparing for the climactic state dinner, described here as ``the ultimate expression of American power.