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the sound of a horse's hoofs hitting on a hard surface

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Thank Chanel fo seventies reincarnation of the wooden sole mules - the fashion house sent models clip-clopping down the runway in every style imaginable, including ornate designs embellished with poppies and corsage clusters.
Bruges is a delightful mix of bikes and horse-drawn coaches clip-clopping across the cobbles, with designer shops slotted in between the chocolate makers.
Shoppers are delighted to use the nag-drawn double-decker even if its top speed is just a clip-clopping 12mph.
Finally this week, returning from a trip to Boris's gas-guzzling capital where the 4x4 is king, I saw a man using a mobile phone on horseback (presumably immune to the no-mobiles-while-driving-on-the-highway law because he was clip-clopping along the footpath).
I] [see] the [flag]--red, white, and blue--And right [bee] + hind it, [two] by [two], Step the [horse] + s down the street, Clip-clopping with their big [horse] feet
GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas - It was a year ago at Santa Anita, and a widely overlooked horse named Pleasantly Perfect was clip-clopping his way to the starting gate for the Breeders' Cup Classic.
I enjoy clip-clopping across the magnificent marble tiles of the Great Room and then across the bouncy striped carpet of the Cocktail Bar (voted amongst the best in the world).
More likely, the road would have served the clip-clopping of horse-drawn wagons, bringing fresh agricultural goods like butter, cheese, eggs, chickens, veal, pork, beef and fruit - mostly apples - from the farming towns around Worcester into the lucrative city market.
The rhythmic clip-clopping of the horses pulling carts accompanied the slow opening of refreshed eyes across the city.
Sinking into the water I heard high pitched squeals, the clip-clopping of horses, abrasive scrapes of metal on metal and cricket-chirps.
She has no idea that Tyrone has been doing dodgy deals to pay for wedding surprises, and is delighted when a horsedrawn carriage comes clip-clopping down the cobbles to take her to the church in style.
We were here for a three-day break and ended our first day of exploring clip-clopping around Seville from the bustling Plaza de San Francisco at the foot of La Giralda.
We walked back through the streets to hear the clip-clopping and excited voices growing louder.
LITTLE Scarlett Miller and her pals went clip-clopping all the way to their junior school prom in Nuneaton.
Trying to inveigle me into showing interest in the world of clip-clopping is her softly-softly tactics.