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Synonyms for clip-clop

the sound of a horse's hoofs hitting on a hard surface

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Paprika is tucked away in the basement of an elegant terrace and on this night, in the hush of early evening, it was easy to imagine how life had been years ago when broughams and hansoms clip-clopped up and down.
Little ray of sunshine Marilyn may have clip-clopped back to Summer Bay but she's dragging a dark cloud.
Dust swirled in the lamplight, hooves clip-clopped in the yard outside.
The Dockers' Umbrella became as much a part of the sounds of early 20th century Liverpool as the ships' horns, factory hooters and the horses' hooves that clip-clopped on the cobbled streets below.
It looked like a boat but of course it was horse drawn and that was part of the excitement as it clip-clopped up the road.
I clip-clopped to infant school in matching red and white polka dot flamenco dress and shoes thinking I was a Spanish Princess - I was only six
Then Sarah could wave to the crowds from the window of their coach and four as they clip-clopped to meet their VIP guests getting blotto on the lawn at Gleneagles, Skibo or Turnberry.
Harry, in dark blue suit and white shirt, looked unsure as the horses from the Welsh Guards clip-clopped into view.