clip lead

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a short piece of wire with alligator clips on both ends

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I did in fact test the LED with my Elenco XP 720 power supply (built years ago from a kit), a couple of clip leads, and a 2.
In the past, we had to use a number of different meters, power supplies, and clip leads to perform these kinds of tasks.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Precision LCR Meter With 16089A Kelvin Clip Leads
The kit includes two Micro SMD Grabber test clips, two Mini SMD Grabber test clips, two clip leads for Micro SMD Grabbers, bench-top DMM Modular test leads, multi-stacking 2 mm safety-sheathed patch cords, two SMD test probes with sharp, sprint-mounted tips, two 4 mm banana plug to 2 mm sheathed banana jack adapters, two mini-alligator clips with 2 mm jacks and a large folding pouch for easy storage and access.