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ready-made pieces of computerized graphic art that can be used to decorate a document

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The book is a gallery of the 500 clip art images and their masks, which are contained on the accompanying CD-ROM in 300 dpi JPEG format.
Among KoolMoves' many advanced features are Flash 5 action scripting, masking, import of Flash movies as objects, HTML dynamic text, import of vector clip art in many file formats, bones for character animation, non-linear morphing, transition effects, drop shadows, and easy to use preloaders.
This is a good way to attract a lot of traffic to our site," Doherty said, "and we can reuse clip art we developed for the newsletter.
One of the plus points of this software package is that all of the clip art images are included in the software which means that unlike a lot of other clip art packages you don't have to down load a large percentage of them from a web-site.
However, when Corel bought GraphicCorp in April of this year, the company said that it would push further licensing of GraphicCorp's images, which are already used by 61% of the top 100 consumer graphics and clip art collections in the retail market.
She designed her own logo by using a drawing program to merge and modify different pieces of clip art.
has unveiled an editing system that lets camcorder enthusiasts add a virtually unlimited variety of typefaces, colors, sizes, backgrounds, clip art, retouching and other advanced effects to their home video productions.
The need for such artwork is wide, and those of us working with newsletters and publishing quickly become aware of firms that provide such pictures, commonly called clip art.
Some of the new features provide instantly accessible resources at the users' fingertips such as templates and clip art, while others automate otherwise tedious tasks such as managing resource files or checking for Section 508 compliance," said Ben Contra, Trivantis Executive Vice President.
They can also personalize forms with a school logo or clip art images, customize templates with names, color-coding and clip art, personalize awards and certificates, create visual aids for brainstorming or to illustrate the relationships between ideas, and use charts and timelines to plan classroom activities.
Apparently another mag done from behind bars, this one's got some cool clip art type stuff ("Why Can't I Watch Porn?
A favorite clip art software program is HistoriClipz by Columbus, Ohio-based Okara Graphics (www.
When we have the leisure to plan ahead, some of the companies' advertisements and brochures give us ideas of the kinds of graphics we might use, like a ship to illustrate an announcement of a cruise, or pictures of credit cards (such as VISA or American Express) to show that we do not need cash for a purchase- A wonderful "wish" book showing the many kinds of clip art now available for the Mac has recently appeared in a second edition: Erfert Fenton and Christine Morrissett's Canned Art: Clip Art for the Macintosh.
Other tools include an improved help system, mouse-over detail display, grid on/off option, student-created wallpaper, floating-dockable panels and a clip art library.