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any temperate liliaceous plant of the genus Clintonia having broad basal leaves and white or yellowish or purplish flowers followed by blue or black berries

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Likewise, in Clintonia borealis, pollen deposition on the stigma increased for up to 4 d following the opening of the flower (Galen et al.
Nectar production in the boreal forest lily Clintonia borealis.
This was an interesting botanical locality for one coming from the South to commence with; for many plants which are rather rare, and one or two which are not found at all, in the eastern part of Massachusetts, grew abundantly between the rails,--as Labrador tea, Kalmia glauca, Canada blueberry (which was still in fruit, and a second time in bloom), Clintonia and Linnaea borealis, which last a lumberer called moxon, creeping snowberry, painted trillium, large-flowered bellwort, etc.
He proceeded rapidly up the bank and through the woods, with a peculiar, elastic, noiseless, and stealthy tread, looking to right and left on the ground, and stepping in the faint tracks of the wounded moose, now and then pointing in silence to a single drop of blood on the handsome, shining leaves of the Clintonia borealis, which, on every side, covered the ground, or to a dry fern-stem freshly broken, all the while chewing some leaf or else the spruce gum.
Population biology of Clintonia borealis, II: Survival and growth of transplanted ramets in different environments.
The Clintonia borealis, with ripe berries, was very abundant, and perfectly at home there.
caerulea, preventing pollination of late flowers did not increase seed set of early flowers in Erythronium grandiflorum nor in Clintonia borealis, while preventing pollination in early flowers increased seed set of late flowers in both species (Thomson 1989).
The prevailing flowers and conspicuous small plants of the woods, which I noticed, were: Clintonia borealis, Linnoea, checkerberry (Gaultheria procumbens), Aralia nudicaulis (wild sarsaparilla), great round-leaved orchis, Dalibarda repens, Chiogenes hispidula (creeping snowberry), Oxalis acetosella (common wood-sorrel), Aster acuminatus, Pyrola secunda (one-sided pyrola), Medeola Virginica (Indian cucumber-root), small Circa (enchanter's nightshade), and perhaps Cornus Canadensis (dwarf-cornel).
Herbaceous perennial plants such as Veratrum parviflorum, Clintonia umbellulata and Trillium catesbaei are present, but only in the most open areas of the sites.