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an instrument used by surveyors in order to measure an angle of inclination or elevation

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Digital biaxial clinometers are surface-mounted electronic devices for measuring movement in two directions.
That was the hope Saturday as about a dozen rover robots roamed the beach while scientists from around the globe talked of autonomous navigation, pitch-and-roll clinometers, rocker-bogie chassis and encoders for dead reckoning.
Contract notice: Procurement of magnetic Compasses and Clinometers.
Barrel superelevation as well as pitch and cant angles are provided by internal clinometers, sensors measuring also atmospheric temperature and pressure while cross wind data are manually provided by the operator who also selects the ammunition type.
After that statistics were taken by using the Altimeter, Compass, Caliper, and clinometers and tape meter.
But instead of using lasers or clinometers to measure height, they use skills they've learned over the years as ISA-certified arborists.
Laser rangefinders and clinometers can be used to measure the crown spread of tree, especially trees with high canopies.
The distance of groups perpendicular to the transect centerline was measured by the rear observer with a laser rangefinder (Leupold RX-1000 TBR) with a built-in clinometer that had maximum range of ~900 m; clinometers allow for accurate horizontal measurements regardless of survey altitude.