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an instrument used by surveyors in order to measure an angle of inclination or elevation

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Tree height was measured with Haga Altimeter and Suunto Clinometer.
It also features a PLGR GPS receiver, an electronic clinometer, and an eye-safe Class 1 laser rangefinder with a 20 km maximum range.
Both groups were evaluated in terms of joint position error (JPE) using a digital dual clinometer before and after the interventions.
Slope of the terrain was measured with a clinometer, and the percentage of cover of rocks on the ground was visually estimated.
The distance of groups perpendicular to the transect centerline was measured by the rear observer with a laser rangefinder (Leupold RX-1000 TBR) with a built-in clinometer that had maximum range of ~900 m; clinometers allow for accurate horizontal measurements regardless of survey altitude.
You can always use the old-fashioned method, too--a compass with a clinometer, a paper map and a sun path diagram for your latitude.
We measured stem height from the ground to the first frond (excluding the crown shaft) using basic trigonometry rules, and a Suunto PM-5 clinometer in palms higher than 8m.
Slope was originally measured with a clinometer, and subsequently converted into an ordinal scale variable with the values gentle (0-4 degrees), moderate (5-10 degrees), steep (11-15 degrees) and very steep (> 15 degrees) (following Hall 1992a: 61).
Linda Mihalov, at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, took advantage of a new iPad app called clinometer HD (by plain-code) among 50 women undergoing da Vinci robotic-assisted benign total laparoscopic hysterectomy with or without bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy.
Maxwell (2006) describes how a teacher in America introduced the use of a clinometer to estimate the height of trees to his middle school students by first reminding the students of important ideas about "units of measure, the process of counting discrete objects, the additive nature of measurement, and the relative precision of instruments" (p.
Topographic aspects and slopes were collected using a clinometer and we averaged measures for each of the regrowth patches.
This index which transforms the situation of valleys, slope and ridge into continuous numerical quantity, is measured easily and by means of a handheld clinometer in the nature.
The compass I always keep in my pocket has a little clinometer attached, and I use that to determine the angle to the target.