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an instrument used by surveyors in order to measure an angle of inclination or elevation

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A digital magnetic compass provides a [+ or -] 8 mill accuracy, the electronic clinometer having a [+ or -] 4 mill accuracy, position being provided by an embedded GPS/SAASM.
To meet assumption (3), that perpendicular distance measurements are exact, we utilized both rangefinders with built-in clinometers and GPS units to determine perpendicular distances to moose groups.
Sasada currently uses a minimum Trendelenburg position and an iPad when performing robotic-assisted hysterectomy and other pelvic surgeries, but not in all cases, as some OR beds have built-in clinometers.
Maxwell (2006) describes how a teacher in America introduced the use of a clinometer to estimate the height of trees to his middle school students by first reminding the students of important ideas about "units of measure, the process of counting discrete objects, the additive nature of measurement, and the relative precision of instruments" (p.
Mirror sighting compass - Large mirror with 45 degrees angle assistance and sighting hole for accurate sighting - Compass housing made from Dryflex(TM) rubber - Clinometer - Magnifying lens - Luminous markings for night navigation - GPS navigation scales, 1:25k, 1:50k, mm/in - Adjustment for magnetic declination - Best choice for mountaineering, rescue and military users
Topographic aspects and slopes were collected using a clinometer and we averaged measures for each of the regrowth patches.
This index which transforms the situation of valleys, slope and ridge into continuous numerical quantity, is measured easily and by means of a handheld clinometer in the nature.
The compass I always keep in my pocket has a little clinometer attached, and I use that to determine the angle to the target.
Needle of clinometer is slipping its way toward tranquility.
Finally, they used a tape measure to walk 100 feet away from a typical tree, then peered at its crown through a device called a clinometer to estimate the height of the stand.
The gradient of each plot was measured with a clinometer.
For example, they use an increment borer to age trees, soil pH and temperature meters, and a clinometer to estimate the height of the trees.
There's also a clinometer that measures slope angle to help calculate avalanche risk and the barometer helps track weather conditions.
Elevations and slopes were measured by means of the clinometer on the back, sightings being taken along the screws standing proud on the edge.
The angle of slope of gardens was measured with a clinometer comprising a protractor attached to a ruler with a weighted line fixed at its centre, the degrees bisected read off when inclined to the angle of the slope.