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like the light sharp ringing sound of glasses being tapped

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Or whether Stony stood for Stephen;' clinking with a change of keys.
In the beginning of November it is possible to hear regular, metal-like clinking at many housing estates with high-rise buildings.
The winner of this year's Richell prize, awarded to unpublished Australian writers, is Tasmanian author Susie Greenhill for her manuscript titled The Clinking, The Guardian news website revealed on Wednesday.
The sound of feet clinking on the wrought iron staircase and walkways echoes through the three-storeys of open galleried landings.
Also on the list, complied by Pimm's, were people playing tennis, seagulls, drinks being poured over ice, pigeons cooing, clinking glass and rain.
BEVERLY HILLS - Barbaro earned the loudest cheers but not the brightest trophy when horse racing named its 2006 champions Monday night at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, meaning there was a sad sense of deja vu amid the black ties, clinking cocktail glasses and Oscar-night touches.
One publicized twist that raised eyebrows was Karr clinking his drinking glass with the glass of a law enforcement official while he was being brought back to the country flying business class.
The jingle dresses make clinking sounds as the dancers dance daintily on tiptoe with their beaded leggings.
Q:WHAT'S the origin of the tradition of clinking glasses when we drink to someone's health?
TEACUPS have been banned from a council chamber because the clinking of china is making meetings too difficult for the public to follow.
The "upstairs, downstairs" myth, according to Masterpiece Theatre, had the swells clinking their Wedgwood teacups in the heavenly reaches of the house while the servants were down in the bowels, talking trashy and whooping it up with Brueghelesque abandon.