clinker brick

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a hard brick used as a paving stone


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producer of clinker brick, whose slightly bloated, misshapen appearance stems from overheating in what are dubbed periodic kilns--coal-fired vessels that are heated to nearly 2,000[degrees], then turned off to let brick cool over four-day cycles.
The clinker brick was a hard-burned clay brick that had been examined previously using the ESRF microtomography unit (6) at a resolution of 6.
Built in a period of rebellion against Victorian gimcrackery and curlicues, Shadelands bears early traces of the Arts and Crafts movement--with clinker brick fireplaces, a mission-style dining table, and more straight lines than curves.
130 m 2 external thermal insulation composite system with 300 mm insulation made of mineral wool lamella panels 040 and clinker brick.
approximately 400 m 2 asphalt / pavement break off, Approximately 800 m 3 excavated soil, Approximately break off 22 basement light shafts and rebuild, Approximately lay 255 m drainage pipe, Approximately rehabilitate 500 m 2 reinforced concrete walls, Including structural waterproofing, Approximately break off 350 m 2 clinker brick and rebuild it, Approximately 70 m precast steel concrete lintels, Approximately process 7 m 3 reinforced concrete with approx.
manufacture, supply and installation of thermal insulation composite systems and plastered external thermal insulation on exterior walls with finishing plaster and clinker brick linings.
Creation of a thermal insulation composite system with clinker brick for an underground two-sports hall and a 4-storey school extension: - 4 700 m 2 gross floor area, - 24 843 m 3 bri.
Description of the procurement: 340 m 2 floor tile coverings, size 50 x 50 mm, laid on cement screed - 250 m 2 floor tile coverings, 300 x 300 to 300 x 600 mm, laid on cement screed - 1 200 m 2 wall tiles, format 150 x 150 mm to 200 x 600 mm - 350 m 2 waterproofing walls in shower areas - 340 m 2 sealing of floors in shower and washrooms - 150 m 2 floor coverings made of cast stone - 80 m steps made of cast stone - 900 m 2 clinker brick on existing walls.