clinker brick

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a hard brick used as a paving stone


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producer of clinker brick, whose slightly bloated, misshapen appearance stems from overheating in what are dubbed periodic kilns--coal-fired vessels that are heated to nearly 2,000[degrees], then turned off to let brick cool over four-day cycles.
Clinker brick was removed, beige-green tile demolished, dingy signage taken out, and the public designs of the workers and farmers' state were obliterated.
The clinker brick was a hard-burned clay brick that had been examined previously using the ESRF microtomography unit (6) at a resolution of 6.
Built in a period of rebellion against Victorian gimcrackery and curlicues, Shadelands bears early traces of the Arts and Crafts movement--with clinker brick fireplaces, a mission-style dining table, and more straight lines than curves.
The outer wall (the upstream) top plate with a slope of 60, in order to establish the historic wharves on the river Motlawa, finished with a clinker brick cladding.