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a practitioner (of medicine or psychology) who does clinical work instead of laboratory experiments

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One of the simplest is to go it alone as a single clinician investigator, however this path cannot be recommended even for (most) experienced researchers as the support and expertise provided by others are frequently vital to the successful design, conduct, and dissemination of research.
Of 41 samples (40 SARS and 1 H5N1) received for testing, 26 (63%) samples were not tested because clinician responses failed to satisfy the screening criteria.
A comparison between audio compute-assisted self-interviews and clinician interviews for obtaining the sexual history, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 2004, 31(12):719-726.
Anne Shein is the guest artist, and Paul Sheftel and Phyllis Lehrer, NCTM, will be pedagogy clinicians.
The combination of computer science, applied mathematics, and high-quality, relatively low-cost optics has allowed the development of new tools that let computers do the grunt work of skin screening, highlighting potentially cancerous areas of skin for closer examination by clinicians.
The treating clinician begins by sending to Align Technology maxillary and mandibular polyvinylsiloxane (PVS) impressions, a bite registration, photographs, and x-rays in addition to a web-based treatment prescription form.
If not, the clinician has the choice of entering the appropriate documentation if the service was performed or selecting another level of service.
Directives, in particular, required very little clinician guidance because the entire group was actively engaged in organizing scenes and enjoying the activity.
Image capture, then, takes place at diverse locations, and in the latter scenario, the clinician does not have ready or easy access to the images and must rely primarily on the report when making a diagnosis.
The clinician should be aware of resources in the school and the community and needs to be open to making referrals.
Under current regulations, the clinician may chart that the patient shows early signs of dependence on grounds that the placebo seems to work; clinicians may also chart early signs of dependence because the placebo does not provide relief
1981) on informal advice and information seeking between physicians found that colleague interaction occurred on a regular and frequent basis and was of considerable value to the clinician.
Witness how the Clinician's Portal is used by clinicians and researchers at WRI: Michael Liebman and Jonathan Sheldon present "Translational Medicine from Basic Research to Enabled Communications" at the HIMMS conference in New Orleans, Louisiana on Monday, February 26, 2007 from 12:30 - 1:30pm.
The featured clinician is Ingrid Jacobson Clarfield, NCTM, and the guest artist is pianist Cai Lei.
A range of modifiable factors, including clinician support, may encourage mothers to continue breast-feeding their infants.
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