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URAC's initial standards for the Clinically Integrated Network Accreditation program were developed to support a set of key principles, among them improving efficiency and value to those who purchase care by establishing best practices across the network in clinical and care management, care coordination and patient engagement.
The drug reduced the risk of developing clinically definite multiple sclerosis (MS) by 45% compared with placebo, wrote Dr.
Additional to this Phase III trial, multiple microbiology studies, both in vitro and in vivo, were presented which highlighted the potent in vitro activity of ceftobiprole against clinically relevant Gram-positive pathogens (E-0113, E-0114, C2-1143) including staphylococci recovered from bone and joint infections (E-0119) as well as from patients with endocarditis (E-0118) supporting the potential use of ceftobiprole in those high medical need areas.
In a retrospective review of patients who did not take low-dose aspirin during 1999-2001, five clinically significant upper GI events occurred during 2,115 patient-years (0.
The results indicate that current ambient air pollution levels can have chronic and adverse effects on lung development in children, leading to clinically significant lung function deficits in adulthood.
94), but we do not believe that it is clinically significant.
The follicles so characteristic of clinically active trachoma may linger even when chlamydia is no longer detectable by using the most sensitive laboratory techniques (7,12).
Low but clinically effective concentrations of the drug were present in the patient's blood a month after the treatment, Magnani and his colleagues report in the June Gene Therapy.
Your ability to document can boost reimbursement by $8 to $14 per diem for residents in the RUG III clinically complex categories.
These are two examples that are clinically meaningful.
Integrated, innovative management of risk and cash flow, die process of care, and clinically meaningful information.
Stoll, the Chief Executive Officer of Cortex, cautioned that the final decision on the adequacy of the data to allow the Company to proceed clinically is up to the FDA.
A clinically proven claim in advertising is an effective sales pitch," says Michelle Rusk of the Federal Trade Commission.
Moreover, they say, Narrow's group did not distinguish between clinically significant symptoms caused by biological disturbances and those that arose in response to stressful events.
1) Benign tumors can usually be distinguished from malignant masses clinically and microscopically, although the specific diagnosis of all tumors requires microscopic examination.
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