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a mercury thermometer designed to measure the temperature of the human body

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A schedule of training sessions emphasizing proper hand hygiene, routine use of protective covering for clinical thermometers, environmental cleaning using an aldehyde-based disinfectant, and routine use of gloves and gowns for any patient contact (particularly changing diapers) was instituted.
Terumo jumped 54 yen to 1,999 yen after a news report that the medical equipment maker has received orders for clinical thermometers worth some $500,000 from Singapore, around five times the amount it sold there all of last year, thanks to SARS.
Tempa-DOT[R] single-use clinical thermometers, the same ones used on the NASA space shuttles, are available from the PyMaH Corp.
Industry Overview II-1 Market Trends II-1 Digital Thermometers Continue Steady Growth II-1 Manufacturers Develop New Thermometry Technologies for Niche Markets II-1 Innovation Changes the Face of Thermometers II-1 Single-Use Chemical Dot Thermometers II-2 Thermometers in Various Hues Attract Customers'Attention II-2 New Alternatives for Mercury Thermometers II-2 Issues II-2 Concerns Over Mercury at its Peak II-2 Mercury in Clinical Thermometers - At a Glance II-3 EU Ban on Mercury-Based Thermometers II-3 Fever Phobia Creates Artificial Demand II-4 Mercury Handling & Disposal II-4 Measures for Prevention, Safe Handling, and Disposal of Mercury Products II-5 Recycling Products - Ideal Method for Minimizing Mercury Contamination II-5 Rectal Thermometers and Related Issues II-6
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