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a rigorously controlled test of a new drug or a new invasive medical device on human subjects

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Chang pointed out that the majority of the clinical tests carried out by Novartis in Taiwan belong to the firststage tests, which require high technological threshold.
The Swiss company will undertake 100 clinical tests in Taiwan this year, compared with 70 last year, which involved investments less than NT$500 million.
Specialty Laboratories is a leading provider of highly advanced clinical tests used by physicians to diagnose, monitor and treat disease and is a single-source solution for esoteric testing needs nationwide.
In addition, Mayo's ability to discover and validate biomarkers offers the potential for both parties to implement important new clinical tests.
Terms of the agreement enable the implementation of new clinical tests within Mayo's clinical practice and Mayo Medical Laboratories.
In conjunction with the license agreement, IGS has provided funding to CPMC for a research program, now in progress, to expand upon the clinical tests which led to the initial discovery.
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