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63% clinical pregnancy rate and a 46% delivery rate per embryo transfer for IVF using donor eggs.
Clinical pregnancy was defined by the ultrasound observation of an intrauterine sac four weeks after embryo transfer.
The main outcome measures of the study were clinical pregnancy, ongoing pregnancy and miscarriage rates in women undergoing progesterone treatment as part of an assisted reproductive technology regimen.
Clinical pregnancy implied the presence of an intrauterine gestational sac and fetal heart beat on an ultrasound performed in the seventh week of gestation.
In another study reported at the 2009 ASRM meeting, researchers found a lower clinical pregnancy rate and lower birth weights as maternal BMI increased (Hum.
Fertilization rates were also superior when the MINC was used, showing clinical pregnancy rates that were 10 percent higher than the Forma 3110.
Briefly, urine samples from 37 control women who were not at risk for conception were collected for serving nonconception controls cycles, and urine samples from cycles ending with clinical pregnancy were used for conception control cycles.
5 percent of the cycles resulted in clinical pregnancy, with a lower rate in couples with an overweight male partner (BMI of at least 25) compared with those with a normal-weight man.
Both single doses and split dose regimens achieved similar clinical pregnancy rates (10).
8%) and a 70% increase in the chance of clinical pregnancy (49.
IVI will use the Eeva systems to treat at least 200 patients participating in the EPIC Study in Europe, which will evaluate the impact on clinical pregnancy rates of improved embryo selection with the Eeva Test.
Results showed clinical pregnancy rates for Milprosa[TM] were similar to progesterone gel, regardless of the day the embryos were returned to the uterus.
3) showed higher implantation, clinical pregnancy and ongoing pregnancy rates in the triptorelin group but the improvement in pregnancy rate per started cycle did notreach statistical significance(40.
They observed that FSH/LH ratio showed best correlation with clinical pregnancy over other measures of ovarian reserve.
Neither dosage of hCG improved implantation or clinical pregnancy rates.
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