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Steven Grover, a Clinical Epidemiologist at the RI-MUHC and a Professor of Medicine at McGill University.
Trish Perl, a clinical epidemiologist with the Johns Hopkins Health System, disagreed with the idea that research and outbreak control goals needed to be in conflict.
The increase in the number of Britons who are seriously overweight or obese has led Dr Ashton, a clinical epidemiologist who has also worked at the National Heart and Lung Institute, to open The Healthier Weight Clinic in Birmingham.
Beletshachew Shiferaw, a clinical epidemiologist with the state department who visited the site.
Lis, MPH, a clinical epidemiologist and vice president, research and development, CTCA.
Danie van Zyl is a specialist physician and clinical epidemiologist from the Department of Internal Medicine, UP.
Lead researcher Dr Bipen Patel, clinical epidemiologist at Cambridge University, said, ``The findings of our study are of particular interest as asthma has become more common in the UK over the past 30 years.
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