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Davila, a clinical epidemiologist at Houston VA Medical Center and Baylor College of Medicine, Houston.
It is exciting, and we all felt that in the room today," said Sheena McCormack, a clinical epidemiologist with the Medical Research Council in London, noting that the report triggered eruptions of applause and a final standing ovation from a packed, lunchtime hall of several thousand people.
Heidi May, PhD, a cardiovascular clinical epidemiologist with the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute, and one of the study's authors, says the link between low levels of vitamin D and increased risk for a variety of diseases is significant.
Holmes is a clinical epidemiologist at the Alfred I.
Lis, MPH, a clinical epidemiologist and vice president, research and development, CTCA.
As a University Professor of Public Health and Gastroenterology, I found this theory to be academically sound, and as a Clinical Epidemiologist, Physician, and Clinical Nutritionist I was intrigued at the possible health benefits my own patients might enjoy if given HSOs, particularly those with serious chronic health problems, who make up the bulk of my practice.
Beletshachew Shiferaw, a clinical epidemiologist with the state department who visited the site.
Lead researcher Dr Bipen Patel, clinical epidemiologist at Cambridge University, said, ``The findings of our study are of particular interest as asthma has become more common in the UK over the past 30 years.
coli [O157:H7]--that it may be normal flora for them," says clinical epidemiologist William E.
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