clinical anatomy

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the practical application of anatomical knowledge to diagnosis and treatment

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2002, Re-inventing anatomy: The impact of plastination on how we see the human body', Clinical Anatomy 15(6), 436-440.
Celik said the Turkish Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy Association was also accepted to the European Federation for Experimental Morphology (EFEM) during the congress in Cape Town.
Now she's taking on the task of tracing the roots of the human race itself, a job which will require all of her skill in the fields of clinical anatomy, osteoarchaeology and television presentery.
But Warwick Medical School's chairman of clinical anatomy, Prof Peter Abrahams, said the specimens were essential for anatomy teaching.
Key words: Neck muscles, scalenus anterior, palpation, clinical anatomy
Clinical Anatomy of the Nose, Nasal Cavity, and Paranasal Sinuses.
The expanded second edition now includes clinical anatomy and retains the topographical and systems based methods of anatomy used in the first edition.
Sekhri completed postgraduate studies in clinical anatomy and neuroscience at the University of Maryland, School of Medicine and received his BS degree from the University of Maryland.
Emphasizing clinical anatomy, this text integrates current information from a wide range of medical disciplines into discussions of the internal organs, including:
Descriptive text relating clinical anatomy, preoperative considerations, operative steps, postoperative care, and pearls and pitfalls is presented on one side in bullet form, and color illustrations are presented on the facing page.
Peter Abrahams, professor of clinical anatomy, said: "This plastinated heart is the next best thing to examining a living organ.
The surgical therapy is then described, also in the form of a bulleted list, with clinical anatomy, operative steps, positioning, and each step of the surgery outlined and accompanied by the clinical photos.
N (coming Q4 of 2010) - Best-selling Netter books, including The Atlas of Human Anatomy, The Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations, Netter's Clinical Anatomy, Netter's Orthopaedic Clinical Examination: An Evidence-Based Approach, and Netter's Cardiology, are scheduled to be available on the Kindle beginning in 2011.
But Warwick Medical School's chairman of clinical anatomy, Professor Peter Abrahams, said the specimens were essential for anatomy teaching.
She rose to become an assistant professor of clinical anatomy, with appointments in the departments of surgery and cell biology.
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