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a file of memoranda or notices that remind of things to be done


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references in the Clinical Alert to the companies' co-developed
CMIO at LPCH, say clinical alerts can be divided into either synchronous or asynchronous decision support, the latter of which they say is a better solution for fixing alert fatigue.
17, the National Eye Institute sent a clinical alert to about 40,000 U.
System of veterinary guards shall ensure that the city / inter-municipal management are established clinical alert for veterinarians in all parts of the country so needed veterinary help can obtained outside normal working hours.
The company provides end-to-end CDS capabilities that automatically make patient information from disparate systems accessible to a provider, along with a configurable collection of more than 25,000 actionable clinical alert observations and analytics.
This week, NCI mailed cancer specialists a clinical alert detailing the treatment advance.
Last May, after reviewing preliminary data from three of the four studies, the National Cancer Institute issued a clinical alert advising physicians to offer adjuvant therapy to women with node-negative breast cancer.
Community Hospitals Indianapolis puts clinical alert system to creative use.
Clinical alert and alarm integration for nurse call and patient monitoring systems: Fairview will use Amcom's FDA 510(k)-cleared enterprise middleware to detect nurse call requests and patient monitoring alerts and send notifications to the right on-duty caregiver's mobile device for swift response.
This statement is being issued in light of references in the Clinical Alert to the companies' co-developed product, Effient (prasugrel).
ProMedica currently is working with 3M to install and activate 3M's Clinical Alert Management System, scheduled to be operational in October.
Before the appointment, Mary's doctor checks NaviNet to verify her health benefits information and notices a warning flag in her file signaling that a Clinical Alert is available.
SCAI, a leader in physician education, urges doctors to review the Clinical Alert the Society issued in early 2007 (http://www.
The solution should connect to many different systems in the organization, such as directories, on-call scheduling, clinical alerts, critical test results and other alarms.
Medi-Span clinical decision support solutions back this with regular updating of clinical content based on industry changes, which eliminates outdated clinical alerts, and a team of seasoned consultants who can help healthcare organizations and users optimize the Medi-Span solutions within their systems.
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