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very small (to 3 inches) flattened marine fish with a sucking disc on the abdomen for clinging to rocks etc

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To our knowledge, only clingfish (Arcos nudus) (150 mm SL) and Gobiesox juradoensis (115 mm SL) have been reported to attain similar sizes (Ferraris, 2003).
New localities for the rare Mexican clingfish, Gobiesox fluviatilis, from Durango and Chihuahua.
A new freshwater clingfish (Pisces: Gobiesocidae) from Baja California Sur, Mexico.
Eger; while researching four clingfish species that live in the Gulf of California, learned that the fish breathe simply by taking in air through the mouth and expelling it through gills.
2005), the mountain clingfish occupies rocky riffles of clear, open-to-well-shaded mountain creeks, and upland coastal streams with moderate-to-steep gradient and moderate-to-swift current, with depths of 0.
Other native fishes collected with the mountain clingfish at the study site were Catostomus cf.
Commonly known examples from other families include the glass catfish Kryptopterus bicirrhis (Siluridae) and Parailia pellucida (Schilbeidae), the cardinalfish genus Rhabdamia (Apogonidae), the clingfish Alabes parvulus (Cheilobranchidae), and the glass knifefish Eigenmannia virescens (Sternopygidae) (Briggs, 1995; Ferraris, 1995; Johnson and Gill, 1995).
0) Gobiesox rhessodon California clingfish Oxylebius pictus Painted greenling Chromis punctipinnis Blacksmith 1 (0.