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a thin plastic film made of saran (trade name Saran Wrap) that sticks to itself

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The inspector had told him cling film may be used in small proportions to protect the surgery's cleanliness.
When it is firm from the fridge, turn it out of the tray and peel away the cling film.
The cling film results are said to have "astounded" scientists at the distilleries.
Wrap with cling film and place in the freezer for three-four hours or until frozen.
Before serving, remove the cling film and brown the chicken in a hot pan, cut into thick slices and serve with a spoonful of sauce.
Tightly wrap the salmon in two layers of cling film and lift on to a small tray or large plate.
After a couple of weeks, when the shoots begin to emerge, slit the cling film to let in more air, then after a day remove it completely.
Four of Lane's fingerprints were found on the cling film and on both sides of a piece of tape, the court heard.
Once they had loaded the boxes into a van, the culprits closed the warehouse shutter and secured the metal gates of the depot in Wigan with cling film before driving off.
Place on the top of the salmon and wrap in cling film.
Sieve flour and icing sugar, add butter and work together, add egg and lemon zest, mix well, cover with cling film and chill for an hour
Fill each mould with berries, fold over the bread to cover (trimming if necessary) and then fold over the cling film.
Allan, who says he worked in a five-star London hotel before the Stadia job, added: ``I was working under pressure and wrote `pigs' on the cling film to save time.
Return the dough to an oiled bowl and cover with oiled cling film.