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Synonyms for clinch

Synonyms for clinch

to put one's arms around affectionately

the act of embracing

Synonyms for clinch

(boxing) the act of one boxer holding onto the other to avoid being hit and to rest momentarily

the flattened part of a nail or bolt or rivet

a device (generally used by carpenters) that holds things firmly together

a tight or amorous embrace

secure or fasten by flattening the ends of nails or bolts

hold a boxing opponent with one or both arms so as to prevent punches

Related Words

hold in a tight grasp


Related Words

embrace amorously

flatten the ends (of nails and rivets)

settle conclusively

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This time it was Federer who found the reserves to up the tempo in the breaker, clinching it for the loss of just one point to take the match all the way.
Steve Finley was the grand-slam hero of the Dodgers' last clinching two years ago and watched them over the weekend as a Giant.
Australia's famed 'Woodies' brought the curtain down on a glittering partnership by clinching a record fifth award.
The Serbian world number three had to withstand a stirring fightback from Monfils before clinching a 6-2 5-7 7-6 (7/3) triumph.
The Mets have lost Pedro Martinez for the rest of the season to a calf injury and have struggled to win games since clinching the East title early.
Palisades (16-0) won six of the first eight singles sets and all but two doubles sets, clinching when Seth Mendelkern and Michael Light's doubles victory over Jeremy Choo and Aaron Novak provided a 15-3 1/2 advantage.
PALMDALE - Host Highland High of Palmdale treated wrestling coach Mike Young to something special in clinching its fourth consecutive Bobby Loughridge Tournament title Saturday.
It also dropped the Angels' magic number for clinching the division to four.