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Synonyms for clincher

something, especially something held in reserve, that gives one a decisive advantage

Synonyms for clincher

an argument that is conclusive

a point or fact or remark that settles something conclusively

a tool used to clinch nails or bolts or rivets

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Tenorio said that Game 6 exposed a lot of pressing matters for the Gin Kings, who cannot afford another dismal start in the clincher.
Clincher SCP Unit specs: torque capacity up to 53,100 lb.
Arjen Robben grabbed the clincher in 27 minutes with a superb curling effort.
It's going to be a busy day because afterwards, I'm going to the Millennium Stadium to imagine the Grand Slam clincher against Ireland and Gareth Edwards' length of the field try against Scotland.
O'Reilly, but the fact that we have terrorism in the "real world," he says, is a clincher argument against the "theoretical" importance of constitutional restrictions on police powers.
Finally, the clincher of all clinchers--the guy called me (or Ebin) a Nazi.
The fact it was a potential series clincher didn't seem to faze him.
The clincher, Pearse adds, was that the researchers found an abnormal chromosome in one animal's nontumorous cells but not in its tumor cells.
Prolific scorer Craig Pountney rifled Ian Britton's men in front and though the visitors levelled, Town more than deserved the victory as Ryan Mann slotted the clincher.
As ever, the real clincher for business users in Britain ( and they make up the majority of Passat customers ( will be the diesel's lower fuel consumption (46mpg average compared with 34) and low emissions of 165g/km which will bring significant tax savings compared with the petrol engine's 197g/km.
Public opinion could be the clincher and requires much effort, as this reviewer repeatedly urges in print.
Then they scored an emphatic clincher from just inside the box following a punched clearance by Town's goalkeeper.
The clincher is photographer Solve Sundsbo's regular presence here.
On a night when victory would have put the Scottish champions through to the money-spinning second phase, they were sunk by one-time Millwall striker Sergei Yuran's first-half goal and an injury-time clincher from Gilbert Prilasnig.
Injury-hit Northampton, with just one League win at home this season before yesterday, claimed three vital points with Howey's 71st minute clincher.