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Synonyms for clinched

closed or squeezed together tightly


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Fernand let fall his head like a defeated man, heaved a sigh that was like a groan, and then suddenly looking her full in the face, with clinched teeth and expanded nostrils, said, -- "But if he is dead" --
At last the old witch clinched her fist and shook it at the figure.
He decided that he wasn't in real danger, that he had rather clinched his precautions.
So far as Martin was concerned, the matter was clinched.
The boy had some slight difficulty in undoing the heavy iron gates, and we heard the hoarse roar of the doctor's voice and saw the fury with which he shook his clinched fists at him.
They declared that the coincidence of March's evidence had cleared the whole company, and clinched the case against the flying Hugo.
Throughout the day he was delirious, pacing up and down, uttering hoarse cries, gnawing his clinched fists, and ready to open his veins and drink his own hot blood.
The sinews stood out on his bronzed neck, and his muscular right arm swung high in the air, with a lead-pencil grasped in the clinched brown fist.
I believe they're clinched on the under side of the Woozy's thick skin.
Lowering his bull head he charged for the ape-man and in the center of the floor the two clinched.
I really thought he would set fire to the castle; his eyes were like two flaming torches, his hair stood on end, and he clinched his fist for a moment; I thought he would have strangled my father.
We scratched and bit, pulled hair, clinched, and threw each other down.
In the shadows that were round them, Alban could just see that she was shaking her clinched fists in the air.
They struck at each other, clinched, and rolled over on the cobble stones.
Time upon time, and times without end, he clinched and put Patsy on his back, each time first whirling him around and putting him down in the direction of the door and gaining toward that goal by the length of the fall.