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Synonyms for climb

Synonyms for climb

to move upward on or along

to move from a lower to a higher position

to attain a higher status, rank, or condition

the act of moving upward on or along

Synonyms for climb

an upward slope or grade (as in a road)

an event that involves rising to a higher point (as in altitude or temperature or intensity etc

move with difficulty, by grasping

go up or advance

slope upward

Related Words

improve one's social status

increase in value or to a higher point


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A pygmy chimpanzee climbs down from its nest in the trees and methodically searches the underbrush.
In one of the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, a little girl climbs down a well.
Photo: (1 -- color) Firefighter Sean Merritt of Los Angeles County Fire Station 130 climbs down a truck ladder during training at the abandoned Dunes Motor Hotel in Lancaster, which is to be demolished soon.
PHOTO (Color) Bob Schauer climbs down from atop the auditorium at Hart High after making ceiling repairs Friday.
The painter climbs down a ladder propped against his half-finished work of art, 90 feet wide, that has occupied his mornings for weeks.