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Synonyms for climb

Synonyms for climb

to move upward on or along

to move from a lower to a higher position

to attain a higher status, rank, or condition

the act of moving upward on or along

Synonyms for climb

an upward slope or grade (as in a road)

an event that involves rising to a higher point (as in altitude or temperature or intensity etc

move with difficulty, by grasping

go up or advance

slope upward

Related Words

improve one's social status

increase in value or to a higher point


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A Climb Time highlight for her, Goglia said, was watching a seventh-grade girl who had learned to climb and belay "teach her dad those skills - he was quite a bit larger, but with lots of confidence in her.
When the system got a "thumbsup," Mesko was the first to climb on board.
Now she's honing her skills as a participant at the Go Climb a Rock program on the soaring granite walls of Yosemite Valley.
I climb the wall once or twice a week," says Hayden.
ILS or LOC RWY 35 VALDOSTA RGNL (VLD) MISSED APPROACH: Climb to 1200 then climbing left turn to 2000 direct OTK VOR/DME and hold, continue climb-in-hold to 2000.
With falls you have to get back climbing as soon as you are fit enough otherwise the fear continues to build and you will end up not wanting to climb.
Juchno, who was one of the first to climb it, said he might soon climb it again - he's been at the Southbridge facility since the wall was installed and has not climbed it since.
The four highest scorers in the five events will go on to compete in a marathon climbing contest that combines elements from each of the first five climbs, excluding the rescue attempt.
When Marcos Giron stops on his climb and thinks he can't make it to the top, Dennis shouts some advice.
Large holds are easier to grip and balance on, while small holds spaced far apart create challenging technical climbs.
Outdoor theme parks, fairgrounds, and other facilities around the country offer such climbs to anyone with the courage to strap on a safety harness and stair climbing.
Wielicki said winter climbs on 8,000-plus peaks were the biggest sports challenges of modern mountaineering.
I've climbed all over Europe and my favourite places for climbing include Kalymnos, Costa Blanca, El Chorro, Terradets, Mallorca and the Great Orme in Llandudno, which has some world renowned tricky climbs.
Honnold set new records with these free solo climbs and surprised the climbing world.
The giant indoor ice climbing wall at Snow Factor features up to 20 roped climbs to try.