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Synonyms for climb

Synonyms for climb

to move upward on or along

to move from a lower to a higher position

to attain a higher status, rank, or condition

the act of moving upward on or along

Synonyms for climb

an upward slope or grade (as in a road)

an event that involves rising to a higher point (as in altitude or temperature or intensity etc

move with difficulty, by grasping

go up or advance

slope upward

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improve one's social status

increase in value or to a higher point


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References in classic literature ?
Purun Bhagat dropped fainting by his side, for the chill of the rain and that fierce climb were killing him; but first he called to the scattered torches ahead, "Stay and count your numbers"; then, whispering to the deer as he saw the lights gather in a cluster: "Stay with me, Brother.
Then the line was let down again for Zeb to climb up by.
But I can't climb at all, and I'm too big to squeeze between the bars of the fence.
After coughing the water out of her throat and getting her breath again, she managed to climb over the slats and stand upon the firm wooden bottom of the coop, which supported her easily enough.
Tarzan made a face at the king of beasts, whereat Numa, greatly to the ape-man's surprise, started to climb up into the branches toward him.
As the lion climbed slowly toward him, Tarzan sought higher branches; but to his chagrin, he discovered that it was with the utmost difficulty that he could climb at all.
For a long time he sat watching for Numa to climb into the tree after him, and listening for the sound of the great wings from above, for to Tarzan of the Apes his dream was a reality.
That a stomach, disordered by decayed elephant flesh, a lion roaring in the jungle, a picture-book, and sleep could have so truly portrayed all the clear-cut details of what he had seemingly experienced was quite beyond his knowledge; yet he knew that Numa could not climb a tree, he knew that there existed in the jungle no such bird as he had seen, and he knew, too, that he could not have fallen a tiny fraction of the distance he had hurtled downward, and lived.
It was all very strange, yet he knew that he never had seen Numa climb a tree, or Histah with the head and belly of an old black man whom Tarzan already had slain.
The Assassins tried to climb also, but they slipped and fell.
5 metres, the main lead wall has been developed for climbers of all abilities with a variety of angles from steep walls to easy corners, spread over 27 climbing lines, split between lead climbing and top-rope climbs.
According to rock-climbing resource Mountain Project, Joshua Tree National Park has a staggering 4,100 roped climbs.
WITH names like Curving Crack, One Step in the Clouds, and Cenotaph Corner, Wales' famous rock climbs have long had romantic, witty or even ominous names.
Marshall and Uberauga hope to take other wounded Airmen on similar climbs at least twice a year.
Each age category had to complete three climbs and three boulder problems, with the climbs and problems getting progressively harder and points being awarded to the climbers that climbed the highest on each of them.