climbing iron

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an iron spike attached to the shoe to prevent slipping on ice when walking or climbing

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Patent 1,632,688: Lineman's climbing iron patented by Wagna Allahverdian, Utica, N.
He could not even get to the point where you have to put on climbing irons," Miura said.
In a combat situation, you should take a climbing rope, a 20-25 foot reepschnur, two-three carabiners, a pair of climbing irons, glasses, and a pick.
today however peaks are passe, the slopes are coughing with fog, icy tongues bite into scree, and i pack climbing irons to scale you.
He was charged with possessing four peregrine falcon eggs and five raven eggs, as well as egg-collecting equipment, including nine books and a pair of tree climbing irons.