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THE parents of a four-year-old Cardiff boy injured in a school playground climbing frame accident called for the apparatus to be removed.
We dab it on to climbing frames and scratching posts and use it around the enclosures of our Sumatran tigers, Asiatic lions, snow leopards and Carpathian lynx and they absolutely love it.
But how much money they get for their climbing frame depends on how many Wish tokens they collect.
Given a little careful selection and a small amount of patience, these plants can be utilised as climbing frames for climbing plants, giving you an additional feature in the garden without having to take up any more valuable space - for many climbers, this way of growing is what they prefer anyway as it is what they do in the wild.
Two wooden climbing frames and the tennis courts at Pype Hayes Park, in Erdington, were destroyed by mystery vandals the day after thousands of parents and children had enjoyed a firework display there.
AFTER spending the afternoon at Preston Park, I was amazed to find that there are only two small swings for under fives whilst the rest of the playground has zip lines and huge climbing frames etc.
A SUPPLIER of trampolines and climbing frames for retailers including Tesco, John Lewis and Early Learning Centre has gone into administration less than three weeks before Christmas.
New swings, climbing frames and slides are among the attractions that have been installed in the play area behind St Mark's and St Cuthbert's Church, in South Shields.
Then they renovated the equipment in the children's playground, rubbing down the metalwork then painting all the railings, swings, slides and climbing frames.
The playground, off Somerset Road, is aimed at eight to 13-year-old's and includes climbing frames and mini goal posts.
Lydiate Activity Toys has a fantastic range of climbing frames, swings and trampolines guaranteed to tempt your children outside to take part in some healthy activity
Anyone who can ignore the noise of traffic on the nearby M6 could think themselves in a country school when they stand in the leafy grounds with rustic wooden benches and climbing frames.
With climbing frames and balancing boards, the playground was funded by Cardiff council and by school fundraising.
Climbing frames, play equipment, a new picnic area and safety floor at the Sticky Fingers playgroup in Mill Street, Dingle, were destroyed, leaving volunteers with a bill for thousands of pounds.
This year, the children have also been able to take advantage of the nearby newly-refurbished Bonnygrove Park play area, which includes climbing frames, a springer seesaw and two cradle swings.