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And following Mr Lock's protest, the chairman of the city education committee, Ald Harvey Salter, promised an immediate probe into the safety of climbing frames.
A spokesman for the borough council said the rest of the play area remained open and they hoped to have the climbing frame back in working order by yesterday afternoon.
They then moved onto a climbing frame and played tig, running around and he came over.
The Golden Hillock Play Area (above) where there is lots of space to kick a ball around, a great zip wire and a climbing frame (inset)
The picture of April on the playpark climbing frame was labelled "April the little monkey.
Playgroup chairperson Vicki Johnson said: "Our little house fell to bits but we still want them to be active so we're aiming to get them a climbing frame.
PUPILS have pocketed more than pounds 200,000 for minor school accidents including tripping over and falling off a climbing frame.
She could not clamber up the climbing frame, or sway on the rope swing, or enjoy the thrill of the indoor roller-coaster, as all the others around her were doing.
Whether it is tripping over a paving slab, or falling off a climbing frame, or breaking a limb on the rugby field - someone else must be responsible.
The Italian pavilion was dominated by big, empty statements Peter Eisenman's huge climbing frame installation, with its Piranesian stairs to nowhere and Massimo Scolari's collapsed Tower of Babel but around the periphery there were more considered moments, from a computer-generated reconstruction of Ivan Leonidov's Constructivist 'City of the Sun', to the gentle, domestic interior photographs of Paolo Rosselli.
Make-A-Wish had given Ross a climbing frame and guests at the ball watched a video showing his delight when he discovered the playpark
The recreated set, with its solitary symbolic child's climbing frame, was by Rouben Ter-Artunian.
You can get a wooden climbing frame with two swings starting at $327.
Community Chest gave the nursery an outdoor kitchen, three tricycles, space hoppers, a large climbing frame and slide, plus a few other smaller items.
The climbing frame at Stoke Green Park, off Binley Road, was set on fire on Monday night.