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Synonyms for climber

a vine or climbing plant that readily grows up a support or over other plants

someone seeking social prominence by obsequious behavior

someone who ascends on foot


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an iron spike attached to the shoe to prevent slipping on ice when walking or climbing

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Liberty Science Center's Infinity Climber is designed to inspire guests to get active in a fun and challenging way," said Paul Hoffman, LSC's President and CEO.
Local police confirmed to newspapers that the frozen body was that of the missing climber, finding his identity card still in his wallet.
Aberglaslyn team spokesman Gethin Edwards said: "The pair had been climbing a classic route, where the lead climber took a substantial fall of around 10 meters.
Pakistani climber of the two-man team, Imran Junaidi also shared that he was extremely happy to have taken on this challenge and to have climbed together with his Danish friend and climber, Simonsen.
Two German and two British climbers were still missing and nine other people were injured.
The RAF helicopter returned to take the injured climber to Ysbyty Gwynedd.
For example bougainvillea and clerodendrum splendens are heavy climbers, while quamoclit pinnata is a light climber.
Mahruki says he will try the summit without using oxygen tanks to become the first Turkish climber to ever reach the peak of the world's highest mountain without oxygen aid.
Last night, police were trying to contact family of the dead climber before releasing information on the fatality.
Other climbers have the ability to stick to anything in their way - ivy is a prime example of a climber which has sticky feet.
The blade on the climber, which dug into the tree and kept a hunter secure, was only hanging on by the bark of the tree; the blade was designed to dig into the bark.
The avalanche apparently struck an area of the mountain known as the "Bottleneck", where the South Korean and Nepali climbers died.
Survivors included Marco Confortola, an Italian climber, Wilko van Rooiien, a Dutchman, and two Nepali Sherpas, Temba and Cas.
They had already helped mountain rangers to bring down another climber who had suffered a broken leg a few days before.