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a retraction of a previously held position

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This climbdown had to happen, and I wait with interest to see what will be down there instead of horror films.
NC dubs PDP move to appease BJP & RSS as major climbdown
KNOWSLEY North MP George Howarth warned that a government climbdown over cuts to the Territorial Army does not go far enough.
Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announced the climbdown in a statement to MPs shortly after the proposal was thrown out by a massive majority of 191 in the upper chamber.
Hopes of a deal were raised after the government, in a major climbdown, cancelled controversial measures against Hezbollah that had triggered the latest unrest which left at least 65 people dead and 200 wounded.
But, in a massive climbdown, he now regrets making his views public.
It's a climbdown, because last year the Union decided it would not hold the Women's Open at a single-sex club.
Equitable Life was accused of "the biggest climbdown in English legal history" after it formally abandoned its multi-million-pound High Court claim against its former auditor, Ernst & Young.
But it made a humiliating climbdown after protests from People readers shocked by our story in April, and meetings with environmentalists.
Mary Keegan, chairman of the ASB, denied that the postponement represented a climbdown as a result of industry pressure.
Earlier Prime Minister Tony Blair urged Russian Premier Yevgeny Primakov to persuade Yugoslavian president Slobodan Milosevic into a climbdown.
The climbdown followed unrest among UKIP members over Mr Farage's initial call to offer unqualified sanctuary.
Figures released in an attempt to force a Newcastle City Council climbdown on 100% cuts to a number of cultural bodies show PS4.
The move was an embarrassing climbdown for him and followed an intervention by David Cameron, who demanded a rethink after the coalition Government was hit by a public backlash.
Last night, MacAskill insisted the climbdown was to ensure "the best chance of gaining wide support".