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come down

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I even expect active interest rates to climb down a little because the market is restricted and the home economy is facing difficulties," Jancevski says.
As the police, rescue and paramedics arrived at the scene, the man agreed to climb down from the roof.
THE Dehradun police had a hard time on Thursday trying to convince three women activists, who had climbed atop a tree in the district magistrate's office compound, to climb down.
A NAKED woman had to be rescued when she got stuck while trying to climb down her ex-lover's chimney in the middle of the night.
Blue watch manager Neil Byrne said: "We managed to climb down into the hole and, with a lot of elbow grease, we managed to force her out.
The pair reached a difficult spot where one could climb down but the other could not.
As of late last night, the detainees, some of whom have been in Menoyia over 18 months, refused to climb down and refused to be given food or water.
Officers talked with Delgado and persuaded him to climb down.
The 29-storey building was under construction when fire broke out at tower A, forcing workers to escape the towering inferno by whatever means possible -- including dangling from access ropes to climb down to safety.
We set up a rope system to climb down the quarry face to the animal.
He went on a Spider-M style climb down scaffold after cops turned up at door of his mum's top-f flat to check he was stick to a bail curfew.
More than 740 passengers had to climb down to the tracks and back up on to a replacement train that arrived an hour later.
Now Abbas cannot climb down from that high tree without help, specifically from the US administration, the columnist added.
Zoo authorities say the tiger would climb down when he is hungry.
The attempting suicider was finally convinced to climb down the tower by security officers and was arrested for further interrogation.