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someone who is expert in climatology

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Close to 70 percent of United States broadcast meteorologists have direct ties to the MSU program, said Mike Brown, associate professor and state climatologist.
I believe if Pakistan's climatologists overlay the daily images of the dust clouds with those during the 2010 floods with their daily rainfall maps, they will see an exact match.
During an expedition in southern Germany last year with a specially trained Italian truffle-scenting dog, the climatologist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich found some two kilograms of Burgundy truffles.
Over the last six years, we've extracted more groundwater from California than is stored in Lake Mead," said Doug Fischer, a climatologist at California State University, Northridge, referring to the country's largest reservoir.
climatologist at the University of East Anglia whose work figured prominently in the IPCC Third Assessment Report of 2001.
It's a sad commentary on the times we live in," said Jerry Meehl, a climatologist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado.
Climatologists and their research are presented in a lively narrative packing in facts presented by well-known climatologist author Randy Cerveny, who examines history and climate mysteries around the world.
When skeptics do cite a research paper that predicted the possibility of global cooling, it is almost invariably a 1971 article in Science coauthored by Stanford University climatologist Stephen Schneider, then a graduate student at Columbia University.
Is it because this is an unproven hypothesis as any climatologist will tell them?
The governor's ambitions are not advanced by George Taylor, widely known as the state climatologist, who doubts that global warming is caused by humans, if it's occurring at all.
Dr David Stephenson, climatologist at the department of meteorology from the University of Reading, said the storm could be described as an extra-tropical cyclone.
Roland Emmerich's big-budget disaster movie, starring Dennis Quaid as a climatologist who predicts the onset of the next ice age, little expecting it to get chilly so quickly.
Um, scientifically, that's ludicrous," says Barry Keim, state climatologist for Louisiana and associate professor for Louisiana State University.
The idea that the slight rise in ocean temperatures is causing more intense (though not more frequent) hurricanes has been advanced by a few scientists, such as MIT climatologist Kerry Emmanuel, but it remains outside the mainstream.
A recent study by climatologist Kerry Emanuel of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) concluded that tropical storms and hurricanes in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans have increased in duration and intensity by 50 percent since the 1970s.