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meteorology of climates and their phenomena

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Dr Wheeler said that the period his team is researching is important climatologically because it pre-dates the emergence of greenhouses gases in the atmosphere.
Climatologically, the Northern Territory and the Kimberley meet the criteria for occurrence of Red Sprites.
India is a vast country with varied hydrogeological situations resulting from diversified geological, climatologically and topographic settings.
8 billion in insured losses from convective storm events as we enter the climatologically most active severe weather months of the year.
We've seen two climatologically unusual droughts in the last few years" says Oliver Phillips, a tropical ecologist at the University of Leeds in England.
Climatologically information for this location during the experimental year is summarized in Table 1.
Similarly, Las Vegas boasts a climatologically advantageous setup for flying (read: it has sunny weather), but its airport needs to boost connectivity to Asia immediately, and to Latin America soon (as several jurisdictions in Central and South America serve as prime next-generation candidates for global integrated casino resort expansion, and for online gaming expansion).
President Barack Obama, hold that nuclear is climatologically preferable to carbon-belching fossil fuels with their globe-warming emissions.
Highly sensitive Arctic ecosystems and insufficient resources to patrol such a vast and climatologically difficult region increase vulnerabilities to both commercial and environmental disasters.
There will be some cool days ahead, depending on the weather pressure system, but climatologically, the temperature through the month of March starts to increase gradually," added the official.
Climatologically, the difficulties involved in separating long-term variability from the effects of more recent climate change, and the roles of ENSO and tropical cyclone activity, are treated well.