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meteorology of climates and their phenomena

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Based on climatological probabilities, there are negligible chances of La Nina, but there are higher chances of El Nino or neutral conditions at the end of 2017,' Solis said.
A panel data using STATA statistical software was employed to elucidate the effect of entomological indices (PMHD, MIR) and climatological variables on dengue patients by using FE and RE models.
Climatological exposure was defined as follows: seasonality (captured by month of birth), the daily measurement of minimum and maximum temperature (with no consideration of humidity), individually calculated for each exposure window (E1-E5), and total sunshine exposure (in hours) individually calculated for windows E2-E4.
11) Disease, inclement weather, failed harvests, and scarcity are the four horsemen of premodern climatological apocalypse.
0 is also capable of generating special climatological reports which are sent to the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) based in Geneva, and the US-based Administration National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NO).
The Met Service, that also provides meteorological and climatological data to the aviation and maritime community, as well as to the general public, gets a 64% refund from Eurocontrol towards the cost of air navigation services and, according to the government, the cost of the contract will be recovered gradually in time.
In climatological terms, nine years are a very short period of observation.
The EnviroMet team of meteorologists and air quality specialists brings over four decades of expertise in the areas of air permitting, air impact analysis, emissions estimation, site evaluation, due diligence investigation, regulatory analysis, meteorological and climatological investigations, and risk assessments.
If there is thermal advection, this will produce backing or veering with height, and which may be predominant in certain areas and can be determined from the climatological wind rose for a given station.
Results of the study of ice dynamics, modelling, structure and other physical characteristics, biology, interaction with other environments, and climatological ice time series have been presented.
For the next two or three days it is estimated that there may be increasing activity of the Asian Monsoon which could increase weather activity in southern Sumatra and Java," said Soepriyo, an official at the Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysical Agency.
With the purpose of enlarge the results stated in our article, we are giving continuity to the research using risk factors to the disease as: climatological, socioeconomic, life conditions etc.
This climatological change is driving a change in the food web structure, which we're now seeing affect the fisheries.
One of the most innovative features of this new application," says co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of eDreams, Mauricio Prieto, "is the flight notification service, which includes all flight updates: from changes and cancellations to, gate terminal, baggage claim and climatological information of the destination.
Its main objective is the creation of a complete, high resolution digital atlas containing detailed maps for the coastal and offshore areas of the EEZ of Cyprus in which sea wave and wind climatological characteristics as well as the distribution of the wave energy potential will be monitored.