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meteorology of climates and their phenomena

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Mann's passion and his climatological expertise are clearly evident, but his ability to gain a gain a wide readership, much less to sway a broad swath of public opinion, remains limited.
Climatological data support the theory that Oklahoma will experience an increase in the number of storms likely to disrupt electrical service;
We also explored potential climatological influences on year-class strength by examining relationships with temperature, precipitation, wind speed, and winter severity.
Every year I prepare an annual report, called the Climatological Report, which is our encyclopaedia," explains Jacob.
A variety of climatological factors converged this year in a perfect storm that dramatically melted the Arctic Ocean's ice cover to a record low.
Nobody knows if we are on a short trajectory to climatological disaster, or, as some believe, if we are overreacting to an eons-long process that will begin a vast self-correction and cool down without us.
Different aspects of the transmission dynamics of dengue are known to depend on climatological conditions; those aspects include the survival and development of the vector Aedes aegypti (Jetten & Focks, 1997; Li, Lim, Han, & Fang, 1985; Mourya, Yadav, & Mishra, 2004).
Goyal has offered technical knowledge to develop and manage climatological data for application in Puerto Rican agriculture.
Both of these examples are, or will be, due to the planet's extremely long term global geology, not short term climatological effects.
In The Day After Tomorrow--the recent Hollywood thriller--a climatological disaster transforms New York City into a vast frozen wasteland.
Climate change: the news is flooded with stories related to this issue, from the raging debate over whether the Kyoto Protocol is the best way to control climate change, to human-interest stories about rising ocean and flood waters and other climatological changes that are affecting vast numbers of people in almost every region of the world.
We are dependent on climatological events that are beyond our control.
The Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) office here said that the epicenter of the earthquake was recorded at a depth of 10 kilometers on shore at 4.
Earth and social scientists explore the geological, hydrological, climatological, archaeological, and linguistic aspects of a hypothesis that links the origin of the Black Sea to the biblical flood.
A natural phenomenon, all part of climatological evolution and nothing to do with so-called global warming.